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10 things on our mind lately

1. Stockholm hasn't had a single hour of sunlight all month Even though none of us are living in Scandinavia at the moment, have it been hard to avoid the news and updates about how dark it has been in November and December. The question is if we will ever be able to move back, compared to the daily sun in Alicante and Los Angeles. LA is soon entering their “rain-season” but to be true hasn't it rained here, a single time, since in April earlier this year. It will be hard to leave Cali for sure. Scandinavia - we are thinking about you!

2. 2020

This year and thinking back about the year will bring so many emotions in so many different ways. A recap about the year is coming up within the next week. It will be hard to keep it short and concise - in other words, it is a text you will not want to miss out on.

3. werenotreallystrangers

We love this account for daily small messages, needed in the feed nowadays, in and follow!

4. Keep up the Christmas spirit

This year it feels a little hard to catch and keep the Christmas spirit. Neither of us is super excited for Christmas this year since we’re not going to be able to celebrate with our closest family members. We are doing everything to make it as good as possible, therefore this post comes in handy. In and read it if you haven't already!

5. Cozy music is our jam

If we only could listen to one type of music for the rest of our life would it be cozy and calm music. Up-tempo music to all honor, but cozy music always sets the tone. Sydney Rose and Shawn Mendes have both been on repeat lately. Have you missed the new album? You are in for a treat.

6. The beauty of gratefulness

This year has proven how important it’s to show gratitude, and what’s really important in life. Because of that, reach out to that friend you haven't spoken with in a while, call a family member another extra time as well as showing love for your friends and loved ones.

7. Thermo-water bottles and reusable takeaway cups for the win

A product for a lifetime is a thermo-water bottle that keeps the water cool for a long time. We all know how important it’s to drink water, and with a cute water bottle that keeps the water cooler is it all easier, promise! Also, our lives may not be “on the run” as much right now, but when we are going back to more normality, the best tip for saving that extra money at the end of the month is to make your own takeaway coffee and bring it with you!

8. Cannonieri - company & boots realize

Are you still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend or a male in your life? Find a pair of classic boots or an elegant suit in the best quality here at Cannonieri Store. My boyfriend and I (Nicole) are the two people behind this company. We put all our love and patience to create the most simple, elegant, and luxurious products with high quality at reasonable prices.

9. How to Get Away with Murder

It is a couple of years old, but the best part of that is that you have a lot of seasons and episodes to watch. It is quite dark but very addictive and so good! Give it a try! You can find it on Netflix.

10. Avocado toast + feta cheese

One of our old-time favorite breakfasts, avocado toast with feta cheese. Super easy and fast. Mash the avocado with a fork and add salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Toast the bread you prepare and spread the avocado. Top with some crumbled feta cheese. If you are a little extra hungry, just add a fried egg on the side. Enjoy!


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