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All You Will Need for December

Hi December! We (Kajsa & Nicole) wanted to come in and say hi! We are so excited and proud to have new writers, Victoria Adamczak, Linnea Oxahammar, and Leah Anne Little on board. We hope you have read Victoria's first post The girls will be publishing a post each every month, and therefore, do we have a lot of fun material coming your way! We have also been publishing interesting and inspiring interviews, as well as guest writer articles this fall, please check them out!

We have had a long fall behind us as well as this year. We are excited and crossing our fingers for what this coming year has to bring. Before getting into the next year, we want to share some December and Christmas excitement! We hope you like it, stay cozy and take care of yourself and the people around you!

We all love to snuggle up on the couch after a long day at school or work in December, especially when it is so dark and cold outside. Have some gingerbread cookies ready (find the recipe below!) and a cup of hot chocolate or glögg och watch one of our favorite Christmas movies!

- The Holiday

- All Home Alone movies (5)

- The Elf

- New Year’s Eve

- The Polar Express

- How The Grinch Stole Christmas

- Holidate

- Deck The Halls

- Love Actually

- Office Christmas Party

- Miracle On 34th Street

We all love gingerbread cookies but do you also love to bake them? It is an absolute game-changer to have homemade gingerbread cookies... after baking these you will never buy them again! Enjoy!!!

We have also listed all our best Christmas gift tips below! Gifts to buy and gifts to do together!

1. Drive-in cinema: There are a bunch of different drive-in cinemas in Los Angeles and Alicante. A perfect gift to do together with a friend, partner, or family member.

2. Coffee-date: Give away a coffee-date! Meet up with a friend at your local coffee shop and go for a walk and grab a coffee.

3. Picnic: Give away a picnic. Who doesn't like a cozy picnic? Set a date and you bring a picnic basket.

4. Dinner-date: Book a table at a new restaurant or make a reservation for your favorite one. A dinner date is always a perfect gift!

5. Give away a girls' night: Prep for tapas night, dinner, or just some snacks. Have a typical girls' night and do your nails, play some games, watch a movie, and share a bottle of wine. What is better than this?

6. A collection of your own favorite recipes: Buy a blank book and fill it with your own recipes!

7. Photos of the month: Print out a photo of each month that is special for you and your partner. Write about the month on the backside of the card and do this for all of the months from the past year. You will sum up the favorite pictures followed with memories from the year.

8. Date of the month: Give away dates for the coming year. Prepare date-cards with a date for each month.

(Pictures from Pinterest and Unsplash)


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