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It’s time for my Bali guide and some highlight from our backpack trip that we did almost exactly a year ago! I had a break from work for a month and my friend, Josefine, and I had always talked about that we wanted to travel together and be away for a longer time and decided to go to Bali for a month!

Where to stay?

We wanted to see as much of Bali and the islands around as possible and decided to fly to Denpasar, Bali, stay for a few nights and then go around and end at Bali again and we booked half of our locations before we got there.

Absolute Beachfront Balangan Apartments

Our first destination was in Cengiling and at Absolute Beachfront Balangan Apartments, which was a hostel with low standards but with an amazing view from the room. The bathroom was shared and it was a really small place with about four rooms in total, cute but happy we just stayed for a few nights!

Kompyang Cottage 

After some nights in Cengiling did we take the boat over to the island Nusa Penida and upgraded from the hostel to a beautiful room with a bathroom outside and a hotel with a pool, amazing food and in a bigger town. During our stay in Nusa Penida did we do all the popular tourist attractions and it was really easy to get help from the hotel to order cars during the day that took you to places you wanted to see. I think this was my favorite hotel during our stay in Bali!

Rumah Pohon Tree House 

From the prettiest hotel to the coolest “hotel”, the treehouse! When we googled what to do and see in Bali did we see the treehouse in so many pictures and in guides and decided to book a night at the treehouse, it was hard to make a reservation so good to be in out in time! And the treehouse was just like it sounded like, a treehouse and a shared bathroom with three other treehouses. It was an experience to sleep and just be there, the view was amazing and we watched the sunrise and the sunset and it’s not that much to do around there besides getting amazed by the view. So happy we spent a night there besides the big lizard who also spent the night with us : – )

Island View Bar & Bungalow We took the boat over to Gili Air, a super small island with no cars, just getting around by horse and carriage but so beautiful! The hotel was on the beach surrounded by palm trees and we had a really nice room with a bathroom outside and totally relaxed during these days, we went for massage, read a lot, tanned in the sun, walked around the island and had drinks in the sunset – pinch me, miss it so much! Gili Air is the calmer island and the other islands are known for my party but we just wanted to chill and decided to stay at Gili Air. An amazing island!

Ola Ola Lombok 

From Gili Air to Lombok and Ola Ola! Lombok is a pretty big island and it was a bit further from the harbor to our hotel, Ola Ola, which was a surf hotel with a lot of surfers and yogis. A good and small place to stay and easy to arrange things to do with help from renting scooters to surfing lessons and chasing waterfalls.

Legong Ceraton Beach Hotel 

After a few days in Lombok did we take a boat back to Bali where we started and wanted to see the more touristic places and stayed in Canggu. We lived right next to Finns Beachclubs where we ate dinner twice at and enjoyed being back in a city. We ate acai bowls, shopped at markets and was in Ubud for a day. Canggu was pretty but the beaches were nothing to compare with the other places that we had seen before.

Pink Coco in Uluwatu 

Our last destination was Uluwatu and Pink Coco, probably the most expensive place we stayed at but also one of the prettiest ones. Uluwatu’s beaches were so pretty, we ate more acai bowls, went to different beaches and enjoyed our last days in Bali. Recommend!

MUST to see:

Diamond Beach, Nusa Pendida

Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida

Pink Beach, Lombok

Benang Setokel Waterfall, Lombok

Tegallang Rice Terraces, Ubud

Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Ubud

Sunset at Dreamsea Surf Camp Bali, Uluwatu

Single Fin Beach Club, Uluwatu

Good to know: – Buy a sim card if you’re going to be away for a longer time, so much easier for maps and for looking things up. – Bali is cheap, especially food but try to bargain when getting a taxi for getting around. Ther’s also an Uber version called Bluebird which was easy to use in bigger cities. – Look up destinations before going, we looked up and planned our trip before we went and since the internet wasn’t always on point did we save so much time by looking up things to do and discover before we went. – Buy mosquito spay for evenings and nights! – Sunscreen was the most expensive thing to buy so good to buy before going!

To end with… Bali and the islands we’re visiting were so beautiful and I am so grateful that we decided to go and that we’re able to be gone for that long. It’s an amazing destination and so much to see, eat and discover! Let me know if you have any questions and look at my Bali highlights on Instagram for more destinations and geo-tags!


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