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Our mission while I, Kajsa, was visiting Spain was to get some new pictures together for NIKA, since we only had pictures together from living in the US as au pairs. To make it more fun and with different looks did we put together five different outfits, looked on Pinterest for inspiration and hunted for locations in Spain, here comes some behind the scenes!

This is how we looked when we walked the streets up and down, pants on the shoulders, handbags in booth hands and tried to figure out a place to change outfits.

A fast stop before a store opened, we changed shirts, you have to be creative and fast sometimes!

Back and forward testing the light and background.

Streets of Alicante, Spain.

And at the same time film for our Youtube-channel, more videos are coming!

Back and forward trying to capture while no one else were crossing the streets and not getting hit by a car, we walked this crosswalk a few times!

That’s a wrap! More pictures and vlogs from Spain are coming!


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