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It feels like the whole world is on pause for a while. We’re not going to write and talk about all the cases, numbers or facts since it’s out there everywhere, but we also felt that we wanted to write something. I, Kajsa, do now have all my classes online starting next week and don’t know when I have normal classes at campus again. The rain is pouring in L.A, which is kinda nice since no one is in the mood to go outside anyway and everything is on pause until further notice. 

N: as most of you probably know the whole of Spain is locked down. We are all at home in quarantine for at least the next 15 days. The situation is very serious here and we are not even allowed to go outside our houses unless we are going to the grocery store, pharmacy or to the hospital. If the police catch you, you can get a fine of up to 600 000€. With a fine that high you can imagine how serious the situation is right now. 

Everything feels so strange and spending time at home 24/7 is also very challenging, since I can’t even go out for a walk. I feel like I will start climbing the walls before there 15 days is over, but to be honest, so far I feel like the days are flying by though (will probably change my mind after a couple of days haha…) I think the best you can do in a situation like this is not to stress and try to be calm and make the best out of it. If you are lucky to be healthy, see it like two weeks of vacation at home. How often are we not dreaming or wishing that when we need to go to work on Monday morning?  Since we love tips, we have put together a little list of things to do at the moment when everyone is spending so much time at home. Take care of each other! xxx Podcasts: Catch up with all of the podcast episodes that you missed

Playlists: Listen and add new songs to your playlists, a double tip is to add our playlists on Spotify! https://wkajsanicole.com/2020/03/13/friday-playlist/

Yoga at home: We have talked about Yoga with Adrienne before but now is the time, if you feel well, to add some yoga into your everyday! Workout at home: There are so many different videos on Youtube too with home practices, now is also the time to try them out and move even though you might be staying inside all day, but also just if you feel well. Read books: Instead of just scrolling an listen to the news all the time, read a book. Take a bath and have a spa night: Put on a facemask, light candles and take a warm bath! And why not paint your nails after?

Games: Play old classic board games with your partner or family!

Series: Since there is a lot of time to kill, start watching a new series. We just finished watching “YOU” on Netflix… if you haven’t watched it yet, you should give it a go! Organize The closet, your room, fridge, apartment, tin your bookshelf, your mailbox, your photo album on your phone, do those things you have been thinking about doing but never had the “time” for. 

FaceTime your loved ones: If you live apart from your friends, family, give them a call – you have a lot of time!

Bake: Try some new recipes! Just scroll on Pinterest and you will find millions of exciting recipes you never thought existed.


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