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Hi all! We hope you all are having a great and healthy fall, and thank you for checking in at NIKA! NIKA has been a moving project since we started our platform, and we are and constantly trying to improve and review what we could do differently and better. We have some exciting news coming up for you!

THIS WEEK: Meet our new girls! We are so excited to expand NIKA and to build our platform together with boss ladies! We started NIKA as a white canvas, and we have tried different concepts along the way, and also learned what we want to do more of. Since we (Kajsa & Nicole) are doing this as a side project between school and work, do we want this to stay as a fun project, to express our creativity, but also inspire and get inspired by other people. On that note, NIKA is growing, and we’re going to introduce you to a few familiar faces but also new ones. More is coming later this week, don’t miss it!!!

It feels unreal that this was almost a year ago already! Time is flying, but one thing we really learned from it, was that sometimes you just need to move forward even if you are uncomfortable and don't feel ready. We have learned and grown so much during this past year, and even if we sometimes did not know what to do, we learned that we will find what we need along the way. We would probably not be where we are today if we didn't start when we did. Today we are in a place where we know what we want to do, we one step closer to our vision. With that said we also want to thank you for being part of our journey and NIKA!


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