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It feels like forever, and it has been forever, sorry! Thank you for still clicking into our website and waiting for an update - here it is! We thought we could share a little recap of what we have been up to the last month, and thank you for being back! <3 

K, Let's make a recap of September and October! The last month has been filled with runs on the beach, trying new cafes and restaurants, binge-watching Emily in Paris, hanging out with friends, and schoolwork. I am now halfway through the fall semester and, I only have winter and spring semester left and, then I'm done, crazy! September and October have been quick, a bit too quick but, I am excited about fall, lower temperatures, and all the holidays that are coming up. I am even more excited to be back on track with NIKA. We want to kickstart this fall with some new content and thoughts. More about that later on! Thank you all for keeping up and checking in. We are so happy to be back updating again! Talk to you soon!

N, I took a month's vacation from Spain and went home to Finland from mid-September to mid-October. It was the best decision I made this year. I am so thankful we made it happen although corona almost canceled our plans. I had the most amazing time home with family and friends, and it gave me so much new energy. I have been back in Spain and back to work and our everyday life for two weeks now. While writing this I am tanning on our rooftop, and it feels so strange that it is possible to do that on the last Sunday of October?! We always think the grass is greener on the other side right? I can tell you I am dreaming about walking around in jeans, a pair of warm boots, knitwear, and a cozy coat. Does anyone want to swap place with me?

As Kajsa mentioned above, we are excited to be back! We had a little well-needed break but are thrilled to fill NIKA with new content, connect with you, and most important all - do something we love! Welcome back xx / There might be some changes happening during this week on the design.


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