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The Friday List

Hi all! In between all our amazing interviews, guest writers, and writer's post, we want to pop in and say hi and share a list of things that have been on our minds lately! Let’s get into it!

1 show to recommend

The Bold Type on Netflix - New York City, drama, and humor. I don’t need to add more than that. You must watch it if you haven’t already! Tips, tips, tips!

1 destination we want to visit

Since California is opening up more and more and we’re also the number 1 state in the whole U.S with the least Covid cases there’s finally (!) an opportunity to travel again. Before I am heading to Sweden for the summer, I want to get away on a weekend road trip up the coast and just drive with no real plan. I love Santa Barbara but haven’t seen enough of the area, so that’s a destination on my list!

1 recipe we can’t get enough of

Not much of a recipe really, but we can not get enough of a nice cheese & meat platter, with some crackers and olives on the side. Is there anything better than that? It is so good that you start with it as an appetizer but it always ends up being the whole dinner.

1 outfit we could wear every day

Since both of us are living in warmer climates, we’re lucky to already have summer. Therefore, between wearing only athleisure, this outfit is always a go-to - an everyday dress + a hat!

1 thing we look forward to this summer

Finally, seeing each other, haha! I, Kajsa have booked a ticket to Spain in late June and if everything works out with flights and Covid, am I going to spend 10 days in Spain. Nicole and I haven’t spent more than 3 days together since we lived in Los Angeles together in 2018. Isn’t that crazy?! We look forward to just hang out - talk face to face and squeeze in some trips and just take it day by day. CAN’T WAIT! <3


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