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It’s Friday, and we thought it would be fun to share a “Today’s”, an old fashion blog list! Let’s go and happy Friday! ❤

Today’s mood? K: Happy! I still have a Friday feeling even though everyday looks the same at the moment. But I am happy! Happier than I have in a very long time! I have had a lot of anxiety and stress about school, to stay in L.A, go home to Sweden, what do do with my life, you know the drill. But as now if feels like I have made peace with my emotions and are happy where I am.

N: I am good but feeling a little frustrated. I can’t deny that this pandemic is affecting me. We have been home for 2 months (been able to go out during certain hours during the day the last week, finally!) and they just announced this week that they are extending the quarantine in Spain for two more weeks. Overall everything just feels very unclear which makes me frustrated.

Today’s should?

K: Start to look at my terms-projects that are coming up (only about 5 more weeks in school…)

N: I should really study some Spanish today…

Today’s hairstyle?

K: Up in a bun! I NEED to go to a hairdresser but since everything is closed in L.A it’s a bit hard. Like my hair shorter, having a harder time doing “style” it at this length. I will see how long it gets!

N: My hair will also be up in a bun! It is sooo warm in Spain already, about 25-30 C, so it is pretty much the only way to have the hair without melting away.

Today’s lunch?

K: Chicken with veggies! Asparagus, squash, red onion, and cauliflower fried with a lot of garlic and oil + a salad dressing from Trader Joe’s. Nicole and I made a vlog that is coming out next week and in the vlog am I sharing my night time skin routine and also talk a bit about that I have had, and are having a lot of problems with acne and hormonal acne. A lot of my acne is also connected to what I eat and during this lockdown am I focusing even more on what I eat, since I have more “time” to cook and prepare food. So the food that I eat might look a bit different from what I ate before, I am learning and trying to find what my body “likes and don’t like” if that makes sense.

N: Quinoa salad with peppers, tomato, tuna, onion, olives, goat cheese, and avocado, it is so good! One of my favorites. A perfect salad for warm weather and so easy to make. Yum!

Today’s make-up?

K: No make-up! I haven’t had makeup since I took pictures together with Savannah at the beginning of April! This lockdown is great for my skin in many ways! 🙂

N: Same as Kajsa here, no make up! I haven’t used makeup during the whole quarantine, so for 2 months!! My skin feels so good, fresh, and clean! I think I look so young and smooth haha!!

Today’s plans?

K: School-work, call friends and family at home, do laundry, and then go for a bike ride in the afternoon. I try to be better with school and do what I need to do during the day and then have my “free-time” in the evening. Tonight I want to start to listen to a podcast that Aleks suggested and make put on a facemask.

N: I have actually been off this week, which means no work, although I have a lot of projects going on outside work. I need to work on them, study, and then I will go for a run at 8 pm when we are able to go outside. Usually, in the afternoons, I feel like baking hehe… thinking to make some banana muffins today! The weather is going to be nice so will also enjoy some time in the sun and talk to some friends meanwhile! And… how could I forget, take lot of naps hehe!!

Today’s dinner?

K: I have some chicken left so I am planning on making a curry stew with some cauliflower rice.

N: Since we have dinner so late here I usually like to eat something light. Will have a boiled egg, some fish and a salad!

Today’s thoughts?

K: That I have to try to think less that I miss my “old” Friday’s and plans for the weekend. Instead, make the best of my time and what I still actually can do. I hope I can meet up with some friends for some social distancing picnic!

N: I think a lot of the current situation and longing to go back to normal. I especially think a lot about when I will be able to go back home again. We had some summer travel plans that have been canceled but I really wanted to go back to Finland this summer but right now it looks like they won’t open the borders until October so that won’t happen, which makes me a little sad. Although I am very thankful that all my near and dear ones are healthy and safe <3, which is the most important thing.

Today’s cravings?

K: The ocean. L.A is HOT (around 30 C the last few days) and I crave to go to the beach and look at the ocean. Or a pool! Something to cool down.

N: I can’t wait to go to the beach!!! And also to meet friends and family!


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