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When we were younger we would never have prioritized a Friday night at home for ourselves over a night out with friends. We would always choose the “fun” option over spending time with ourselves at home.

A couple of years ago I (Nicole) would have never thought or plan that I would spend time with myself. It was something I rarely did. If it happened, it was because I was waiting for something else or if my friends could not meet up – it was never an option from my side, but today I love it and I realize how much I need it and today I actually look forward to a Friday night for myself.

You need to think that you are choosing to invest in yourself, stress and slow down instead of thinking that you are missing out while your friends are having fun and you are not… cause you are! It will just take some time for you to get there. For us, it helps to think (especially when we have stress) that it is an investment in our health and that it is something we are doing for ourselves. At the end of the day, we are going to carry our bodies with us for the rest of our lives and we need to be kind to ourselves. As well it is so important to have a good relationship with yourself. You are the only person for sure that you will live with for the rest of your life – make sure that you enjoy your own company!

We think it is also all about how you think of it. If you are having a negative mindset about it and feel sorry for yourself – of course, you are going to feel lonely, bored or sad. On the other hand, if you do it with a positive mindset and think that you are doing something for yourself because you want – it is a totally different ballgame. Give it a try!

Here come our favorite tips for a Friday night at home!

  1. Go for a walk before you start your evening at home

  2. Watch the sunset

  3. Recap your favorite shows/movies 

  4. Take a long bath or shower, do a hair mask 

  5. Spa night 

  6. Go to the store and buy your favoite snacks

  7. Catch up on your favorite podcast

  8. Call a friend you haven’t talked with for a long time

  9. Treat yourself with a facemask

  10. Paint your nails 

  11. Go through your old photoalbum

  12. Plan your coming week

  13. Enjoy a tasty dinner you like 

  14. Update your playlist

  15. Light some candles and make it cozy! 

  16. Read a couple of chapters in your favorite book

  17. Write down what you are grateful for 

  18. Phone free evening!!!


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