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Good morning Monday and good morning to the new week! The second week of August is here. Some might say summer is almost over, but I think August is still the prime time of summer. Here in Spain, it is the warmest month and it feels like everybody is on vacation.

It has been a very different summer, but it has been a good one. Sometimes it feels like we think we need to visit a typical summer destination like Italy, France or Greece in order to have "a good summer" which this summer proved that is not true. It has been very different from what we have expected, but at the same time when I talk to friends and family its been a surprisingly good summer anyway. It feels like we all have found "smultronställen" where we live, instead of jumping on a plane to find it.

I have found some cute coffee shops, little villages, and hidden beaches this summer. For me, it is all about finding small things to appreciate every day. For me, it is really important to remind myself to take a step back and just be grateful. Sometimes we think we need so much more than we really do. I am happy that all my loved ones are healthy and well. With everything going on in the world I think we all have got a reminder about what is really important, I hope we will keep reminding ourselves and taking care of each other, and remember the small things, those are the ones that really matter.

Ending with some pictures from lately...

...wishing you a wonderful week! x N


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