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Greetings from Los Angeles!

Los Angeles is not that sunny at the moment, the ”fire season” is here and fires are raging all over California at this moment. For every year that I have lived here have the fires just got worse and worse and it is also a part of everyday life now during fall. At this moment are the biggest fires in Northern California, Oregon, and in Washington, but there are also a few more local fires around Los Angeles. They are ”far” away but the ashes are blowing over the city and you can’t spot the sun or a blue sky at this point. Because of all the fires is also the air quality really bad, the air quality in L.A is currently around 170, comparing Stockholm, Sweden to around 20.

But, besides the fire update am I doing good! School has started for real now, Nicole and I took a little break from writing and posting since we needed to focus on other things but I am defiantly ready for this fall. I love the fall for so many reasons, to "start over" again, get back into routines, drink pumpkin spiced coffee, and set up new goals for the last part of the year but also the coming year. At this point am I feeling really good and excited about my everyday life. Having school online is of course boring but at the same time does it give me time to plan my days exactly how I want them. I try to do schoolwork during the day and then meet up with friends on evenings and weekends. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my birthday are coming up in the next few months and besides the fires, is the fall in L.A beautiful.

Talk to you soon, hugs from L.A!


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