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Greetings from L.A

Hi all! We thought it was time for another post in the greetings category, and since we love to chat and share!

We are so happy for all the new people that have found our webpage! If any new people might not be in the loop - I am Kajsa, 23 years old, from Sweden, but living in Los Angeles at the moment where I study Business and Marketing. I run NIKA together with my favorite human being - Nicole, also 23 years old, living in Alicante, Spain. Together we love to create, come up with new ideas, and share - therefore, we started NIKA.

We published NIKA at the beginning of last year. Within this year, we have changed our business idea and the concept multiple times. We have expanded our platform by adding more people to our community, and we have learned and developed in all possible ways.

On NIKA, we combine everything we love and write interviews, have copywriters that create articles, guest writers, and we also write posts ourselves like this one.

Missing this one, soon! <3

On that note, I thought I would give you guys an update from Los Angeles. Not that much has happened, but I wanted to check in and say hi!

I currently have my spring break from school, which means that I am halfway through the semester, and I am graduating in less than two months - mixed feelings for sure. I moved back to L.A with no real plan - for those of you who have been around for a long time might know that Nicole and I first met in L.A in 2017, when I lived here for my first time. We were both working as au pairs, and we started a YouTube channel where we shared our lives as au pairs, and later on back in Europe, we got the idea to created NIKA - an expansion of our channel but in a new format.

To bring you back to how close it's to graduation, did I move back to L.A since I wanted to start to study and get more experience in marketing, and with being home in Sweden for a year, I was missing California.

But, being so close to graduation, I thought I would save my thoughts about school for another post. To go more into school and being a student at a college in the U.S - coming in June!

Lately! Since we spoke last time, I've booked a flight back to Sweden, but it's not a one-way ticket, and I will be back in L.A in late July.

I decided to apply for an OPT visa. To make it short - an OPT visa is an extension of a student visa when you have finished your degree. "Optional Practical Training (OPT) is temporary employment that is directly related to an F-1 student's major area of study." I guess I wasn't ready to move back to Europe after all, but I also think the time never will come when I feel completely done. It's hard to feel "done" with a place you call home - since it's home, if you're home, you feel home, and you don't want to leave. I talked more about that in this post - find it here! But, I also know that my sweet time will come. Therefore, am I soaking it all up as long as I can.

Besides booking a ticket to Sweden, have I also booked a flight to visit Nicole in Spain! (I am crossing my fingers that it all will work out with flights and covid. I have just got my vaccine, and hopefully, she will be able to get hers as well.) Words can't explain how excited I am to see Nicole, as well as family and friends at home - we all know it's been quite a time.

Besides all, even though there's a lot to look forward to, am I enjoying the now. L.A is opening up more and more, and we're heading toward the new normal in this part of the world. California is getting warmer, and I spend my days with school, hikes, the beach, working out, and seeing friends - the usual. And, I am also enjoying my last break from school ever(?) next time won't be a break since I am then done. At least done for now.

Again, we're so happy and thankful for everyone who's checking in and supporting what we do - thank you! Hugs from L.A!



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