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It's time for a new little segment on our blog, Greeting From Los Angeles / Alicante! One of the best things when having this blog and platform with Nicole is how we all the time come up with new ideas on how we want to form NIKA. How we booth knew that we wanted to do something again but not exactly what, and how we met in Alicante in January and literally planned posts from January to June, and how many things we have changed, and improved on the way. Booth learning how to run our own website, to design, understanding statistics, and create new content. Something both of us have been missing is the everyday posts, that we used to write on our old blogs and that we want to birng into NIKA. We want it to feel like an inspirational platform but at the same time share some glimpses of our everyday life, which we want to more of with posts like this: Greetings From Los Angeles / Alicante. Where we every other week just write about what's up and our feelings. We hope you are going to like it, we have missed writing and I, Kajsa, will kick it off!

To start with, I started to write this blog post last Friday but after the weekend and with everything going on in the U.S, and now around the world, did I feel that I need to update the text. From my point of view by living in Los Angeles, and the USA. The last few days have been dramatic with city curfews, demonstrations, lootings, the constant sound of sirens and helicopters, and everything circling around on social media. How beautiful and peaceful the most of the demonstrations has been, but also how people have taken advantage of the situation by looting and destroying. When reading global news do I understand that the rest of the world is aware, but that it's of course stronger, and different to withness it here, live. During yesterday's marketing and PR class on Zoom did we discuss it with our professor, and I felt that he explained it very well from his side of the PR industry. How news and posts can become clutter and how important it can be to stand by, take in, listen, take action from your part and learn and educate yourself. We, Nicole and I, feel that it’s important to say something, and we are of course standing by it, and is educating ourselves. It's special to be in it, like I am in L.A now, and I felt that this post explained very well from the PR and social media point of view.

So by that, hello from L.A! During the current COVID-19, have I decided to stay since I do not want to get on a flight and since I have no idea what to do at home. L.A is my current home after all and I hope I made the best decision by staying. For this summer, I am not taking a summer break, and instead taking two classes at college (if someone has missed my post about college can you read it here) to speed up my education a bit and also to use my time here. It's still crazy to understand that I am back and that I have lived in L.A for almost a year, again. My plan when I moved in August 2019 was just to stay for one year. To do something new and try if I liked to study, and see if it was something I wanted to continue to study within. Pretty fast did I decide to stay for two years, to be able to graduate with an Associate degree and fulfill what I started. I am now in the thinking process of transferring for a Bachelor's. I know I want to continue to study Business and Marketing. It's giving me a lot to be able to learn in school, and then try it out in the working world with NIKA. Right now I am trying to figure out where I want/where I can transfer in that case. If I should try to transfer here, abroad, or if I should study back in Sweden or what I should do. I feel that sometimes it is hard to find a balance of "living in the moment" and at the same time trying to figure out what classes to take in the fall, and next spring that will lead me to where I want, which I don't know about.

Moving back to L.A has been different for sure. I have a new everyday life and I am surrounded by new people and I am trying to find a balance in between doing new stuff and exploring my old and favorite gems. I am very happy and proud that I dared to move again. Move back. I have learned so much about myself and now during the ongoing pandemic have I had do spend time alone, which is important for everyone. My last months since lockdown has been the same, it's such a weird feeling seeing how my Swedish friends can hang out and be out, even though now, I have started to hang with some friends agian but always outside since there is nowhere to go. I have been doing a lot of walking around the neighborhood, writing and creating content for NIKA, talked to my friends and family on FaceTime, studied, and tried to do as much as we are allowed. Beaches and most hiking trails are now open again I try to do as many fun activities during weekends as I can with masks on! That summer is coming up feels weird and strange, I want to re-do this spring, be able to go to school and enjoy the Californian spring. With summer was my plan also to go home and visit friends and family back home, but since the situation is very unclear at the moment, and with the possibility to get in the country again, am I staying if rules don't change. It will be a summer in L.A, with school, but I will do the best of it. Lastly, here some snaps with what I have been up to lately. Hikes, exploring O.C and waterfalls and picnics.

I hope you liked our new little concept! I enjoyed sharing some thoughts and updates! Hugs, Kajsa!


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