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Hello from L.A! I have just got back to town after a road trip in Napa, Monterey & Big Sur this weekend (more about that in our Highlights category later next week!) and today, Monday, it’s back to school again. I have got a lot of requests about talking more about going to college in the U.S so I thought I could talk more about it now in this week’s Greetings. I posted a blog post about going to college early in January, read it here if you haven’t already!

Missing going to school!

A lot of the things has of course changed now because of the pandemic when it comes to school and college life. All of my classes moved to online in early March, the summer semester right now is online and the fall semester is going to be online. I am now studying two classes in the summer, just to speed it up a bit since I am here and are taking a business law class and management which is fun but also more challenging since the summer semester is shorter but includes the same amounts of units as in spring and fall so it’s a quick tempo! For the fall am I going to study more general education classes which are a must to get an A.A degree and I am going to study History, Astronomy, Business English, and more.

When not counting the pandemic and the current situation am I really happy to be studying at Santa Monica College and I can defiantly recommend it (when it opens up again) it’s a ”cheap” public college, many fun classes and degree’s to choose from and great professors and activities. My major is Business and I have just finished my first year of college which feels crazy, it has gone by so fast but at the same time so slow because of this spring. Santa Monica College is only a 2-year college and I hope and are striving for transferring after next spring but I am also trying to keep all doors open. Do you have any specific questions about college? Hit me!


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