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It’s time for another Greetings from L.A! When I am writing this is it Sunday, I woke up by 7, as always, and I went on a morning walk, I had tea and a big smoothie, did some yoga, changed my sheets, and I am now sitting at an outdoor café. I am aiming for getting some things done for school, but also just get out and change my sceneries. I am now entering the last week of my summer semester and I look forward to summer break. It has been some hectic weeks in L.A lately, not knowing if I can stay in the country with the new visa regulations who published two weeks ago, and how they then took the regulations back and that I am now ”fine” and safe on my visa and continuing my studies in the U.S. My 6th week of my summer semester is coming to an end which feels great and important to get a little break from school but at the same time weird to have so much time to fill. Lately, I have been hanging out at the beach a lot, been meeting some new friends, been hiking, and also done some shopping since stores and outdoor malls are open at the moment.

Fall semester starts in late August, which will be held all online and I am now starting to take more general education classes towards my A.A. As far as now have I only been taking classes towards my major, Business, but for the fall do I need to take college required classes, and I am going to take History, Astronomy, Photo, Economy, another yoga class, and Business English. I might try to change some of my classes though, I haven’t made up my mind what kind of degree I am aiming for, if I should take classes to be able to transfer to Cal-state universities, or if I should try to transfer to a university back in Europe. Tricky decisions since I like to plan and have everything figured out, but also something I need to work on, not always have to plan everything and go with the flow :) I am now going to look over the posts for NIKA in August, send in my last assignment in my Business Law class and then order a sandwich from the café I am sitting at. My plans for this Sunday is to get things done for the week, do some more laundry and then see the sunset tonight, hugs and greetings from Los Angeles!

I also want to give a shoutout to all of our Guest Writers and Interviews that we have been publishing this summer so far! We believe that it’s so interesting, and important, to learn from others and this is people we really look up to get inspired by. Check them out if you haven’t all ready! Find them here & here!


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