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GUEST WRITER: Sofia Laurila - Self-development, how to discover your potential

My name is Sofia Laurila König. I am 22 years old and I am currently living in Sweden, Västerås. Things that bring me joy and inspiration are: connecting with people and exploring the world through traveling and going on new adventures to get new perspectives. My topic for this guest writing is Self-development, how to discover your potential. Let’s dive in!

My passion for self-development started when I moved from New York to California 1.5 years ago. Up until that point, I was living my life to the fullest seeking new adventures around every corner until I arrived at my dream destination, Los Angeles. I remember doing all the things I have dreamt of but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I started questioning everything in my presence. I realized that I was disconnected from myself. I was either living in the past or was anxious about the future and as a result - I didn’t enjoy the present moment even if I was now living my supposed dream life. I was unhappy and lost but hungry for knowledge.

I have always loved inspirational quotes and books, listening to speeches about life but I never reflected over my own. It was time to take action. I enrolled in a leadership program where I for the first time started to reflect on who I am and what I want in life. I started to ask myself the questions; What am I pretending not to know? What do I want in life? What is holding me back? What is my purpose?

Thanks to personal coaching, experiential education along with accountability I now started seeing what I already had within me, got clarity of what I wanted in my life, realized how I show up in the world and for others and how I WANTED to show up, found my purpose and dug really deep into my soul. So deep I wanted to do a full 180 out from the classroom many, MANY times.

Self-development and EQ are hard work, scary, and many times uncomfortable but also very exciting, powerful, liberating, fun, and the greatest gift you will ever give yourself and most important to OTHERS. It all starts with YOU taking action by becoming aware of your patterns, your fears, what’s holding you back, understanding, and learning to manage your reactions and overcome your fears. This will help you build stronger relationships, find your purpose and passion, discover your potential, achieve your goals, and thrive in life.

What helped me discovered my potential:

1. In the beginning, I was stuck thinking “When am I fixed?" When am I done and have it all figured out?” If there is anything that I want you to take with you from this, it is that self-development is a lifelong process that I like to call the journey of life. For you who is doing the work we call self-development but feel stuck - embrace it. Breathe. You're doing it. You are in a breakdown leading to a BREAKTHROUGH and that’s where the great learning is coming from. 2. On that note - start a journal. Everything! It might feel uncomfortable in the beginning but trust me on this one. This will be your power tool. When we experience anxiety or stress we often make up stories in our head. Or assumptions. Write it all down. You often see then that it’s not a fact or reality. You can also get a lot of clarity by writing down all the clutter on your mind. 3. Surrender yourself with people who inspire you. Team up with a friend/partner who is committed to better themselves and are on a mission to create their dream life. Hold each other accountable and check in on one another consistently.

4. Discovering your potential seems like rocket science sometimes but I am about to tell you the craziest thing you've ever heard. Stop look for it. It is all within you already. You are all the things you desire to be but I want you to start choosing it and truly believe it.

5. Write down goals. Small and big. Don’t be afraid to dream. I want you to write a list of things you want to achieve without any fear or ‘’what if’’ thoughts. You now have all the money and time in the world and everything is possible. What would you do? I want you to keep writing until you're in tears. Until you are writing something that resonates with you so much that you can feel that it’s right in your core and soul. 6. Love yourself unconditionally. Don’t stop when it’s hard or when you get stuck for the 100th time, keep on going, and don’t be hard on yourself.

My goal and commitment are to keep growing, learning, step outside my comfort zone, going after everything that I desire, unconditionally love myself, be in service for others and empower everyone who crosses my path. My journey of self-development has definitely been a roller coaster ride I will never forget thanks to its zic-zac trails without any short cuts but the best gift and biggest blessing. This journey is connected to every aspect of my life and has increased my quality of life in so many ways. It has helped me find my purpose and passion in life and I invite you to start today.

Last but not least, I would like to end with my favorite quote, which is: 100% is possible, 100% of the time. If you want to connect with me, you find me on Instagram at @Sofialaurilaa or through email laurilakonigsofia@gmail.com. I hope you enjoyed this and I look forward to hear your take aways!

All the best, Sofia Laurila König