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Happy Midsummer you all! We hope that you all are eating a lot of potatoes, meatballs, strawberries and are dancing around in flower crowns. Quick, for those who might don't know what Midsummer is, it is a Swedish/Nordic holiday that is celebrated on the longest and brightest day fo the year, a celebration for the solstice.

We thought we would sum up with some pictures from the last few years that we have been celebrating Midsummer, all of the years abroad actually, and the last two years together, and our plan was to celebrate it together, but Corona failed our streak, next year? Fingers crossed!

Midsummer 2017

K: During Midsummer 2017 were my family visiting me from Sweden and we created a big Midsummer celebration with my host family. We made flower crowns, my father and brother built a midsummer pole while my mom and I were in the kitchen cooking food. Such a fun memory having my family here and celebrating it together with my old host family!

N: I celebrated my Midsummer 2017 in New York City in Battery Park. They are arranging a huge Midsummer party/ festival that is open to everyone. So much fun! Lower Manhattan is packed with Swedes and everybody is having pick-nick, drinking bubbly, and are dancing.

Midsummer 2018

The first year celebrating Midsummer together! We made flower crowns and celebrated it together with our friends with a typical Midsummer bufé. Were we out dancing all day and night, such a fun day and our last night out in L.A before flying to Hawaii and NYC together for our travel month.

Midsummer 2019

Together in Spain! I, Kajsa, spontaneously, booked a flight ticket down to Alicante to celebrate Midsummer together in Spain. It was also our last chance to hang out before me moving back to L.A and we maximized the few days. On midsummer, did we make flower crowns, made Swedish-inspired food, and hanged out and planned to celebrate it together this year </3.

For this year:

K: I am celebrating it with some friends here in Santa Monica

N: I will unfortunately not celebrate it really, we are going away for the weekend which will be fun, but it won't be a typical Midsummer celebration. I will save it for next year! Next year I want a big celebration with all my friends!!!

We hope you all get a cozy day, hugs!!!


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