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Happy Valentines!

We just wanted to check in and say hi and wish you all a cozy week in the name of Valentine. This year for Valentine's, I, Kajsa, will meet up with a friend for brunch in the morning and then meet up with some more friends on the beach later on. Los Angeles has finally started to open up again, and restaurants are now back in business. I have just finished my Winter semester and look forward to one week of break before my Spring semester kicks in - my last semester at SMC - crazy!

I, Nicole, will spend the day together with my boyfriend. It's our second Valentine's Day together in Spain; time flies! We plan just to have a relaxing day, to be honest. We really do not have anything special planned, and we just want to have a cozy day, spend time together and appreciate each other, like always but maybe see the day as a little reminder. We will cook dinner together and just enjoy each other's company.

If you do not have any plans, we have some ideas for you if you feel like you want to do something, but you do not know what. You can celebrate Valentine's day with friends, a partner, your family, or with yourself.

- A old classic, but it never gets too old. "The Valentines Day Movie" - A perfect movie that sets the mood.

- Write a letter or make a card for your partner, friend, sister, or mom. Send it in the mail or do it digitally, an appreciation of your friendship or relationship.

- As Valentine's day is on a Sunday; this is the perfect end of the week for some self-love. Do a face mask, body scrub, and a hair mask!

- Bake a cake. We came over this recipe this week and made it straight away, and it was absolutely amazing and even healthy! If you have a sweet tooth and only patients for 10 minutes baking - this is it!


We wishing you all a sweet day filled with love with anyone you're around. XO, Kajsa & Nicole


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