• Kajsa Sagebrand


Hi from LA and the U.S!

This fall, as well as the last few years, have been special with everything that has been going on politically. It has been very tense living in the states, but I believe that most of us, at least me, can breathe out now after the election and the result. Last week was a week of stress but, it also ended up in a big party of joy and celebration all over the city as well as around the US. People were out on the streets, cars were honking, and people gathered to celebrate the result. My friends and I met up and watched the speeches from Biden and Harris, and it felt like a new era was starting. It's crazy to think that I have been here during this time, and have had a strong connection to the US during the last four years, and wow, what I have learned, not only about myself but also about the world, different cultures, politics, and society. It’s hard to know what the outcome may be with Biden as a president, but I guess most of us can agree that it can’t get much worse. Being an international student, and from being an au pair before, I feel more confident about staying in the country. I am also excited in a nervous way, about what’s going to happen with future visas, as well as studying in the U.S with everything going on with covid. I believe that one of the biggest wins of this election is Kamala Harris, and having a female of color, as our next vice-president, on time!


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