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Hi NIKA-GANG! Let's talk spring resolutions!

Hi NIKA-gang! We miss talking to you and we’re so happy for all the amazing posts we have been able to post lately, but we also miss writing ourselves of course, therefore more posts like this! If you like it? Let us know!

It’s mid-March. We're a quarter into the year already (wow?!), and we thought that we would share some thoughts about spring and spring resolutions.

K: The year started very dark in Los Angeles with covid cases higher than ever before and the highest in the U.S. But, with stronger restrictions, and giving out the vaccine at a rapid speed, the cases are beginning to go down drastically, and we are now entering tier red. That means that the county risk level is now classified as “substantial” and schools, as well as indoor restraints, gyms, cinemas etc, are now on their way to open up. It’s hard to skip the covid talk when everything revolves around it - but I am so happy that we’re starting to see the light of the tunnel - on this side of the world.

Talking about spring, and spring resolutions do I really want to come into a spring mood, and also come back to new routines. It’s the classical desire for routines, eating good, wellness, hanging out with friends, and finding the balance - but it’s hard! Therefore, do I want to be better at doing what I just listed. Since gyms are opening up more and more, and we’re entering spring with warmer weather, do I want to become a member at some kind of gym. After working out on the same yoga mat, and running around the same block for a year, do I look forward to going to another place, meeting people, and working out - with a mask on - it’s hard, harder, but it’s still the requirements. The mask will probably stay on for a long time here. There are almost too many gyms and centers to pick from, therefore am I going to do my research and try out different ones, and take advantage of available free classes, tips! :)

Other than that, do I want to become busier. Is that a weird thing to say? Maybe. But with everything starting to open up do I want to get out, set my alarm again in the morning, do something after dinner instead of watching another show, or just going to bed earlier. How? Planning. Nicole and my favorite word haha. Time to plan my days better - what days I should work out, when I should meet up with friends, and so on, you get the hang of it - a weekly planner. I found a lot of cute planners on Pinterest that you can add as a desktop and then add notes, but most of them you needed to pay for. Therefore, I made one - press save and then add your own notes! (Is the picture in bad quality when you download it? Send us an email, and we can email it to you! nikawkajsanicole@gmail.com)

N: I felt that these three months just flew by. If you read my last personal post "How do I feel connected? (link here if you have not read it yet) you know my year did not start with a lot of energy and positivity. With that said I can say that I am really happy about where I am today and what I am doing. Life is very unpredictable sometimes, don't you think?

As Kajsa is mentioning, I am also missing out on a couple things, or to put it in a better way - there are some things I wish I could squeeze into my everyday life. I feel that I have reached the stage where I want and need more TIME. Is that not just what we all want at the end of the day? I am working a lot and I just want more hours with my loved ones or to have energy to take a cup of coffee with a friend. At the same time I feel very blessed with my current situation! Spring is in the air in Spain - the weather is amazing and on top of it all I have gotten myself a puppy! (read more about our lovely Cece here).

It all just comes back to time, and planning for me too. My spring resolution is to plan so I use my time more efficiently so I get the most out of it. I want to improve and plan better so I have time to do workouts and take time off social media and other screens. When I have very busy days I just get caught up in work, my phone and then it is time to go to bed. I must admit that I was good with doing yoga in the beginning of the year, but I want to find my way back. I am currently doing a 30-day yoga challenge with Adriane (haha have probably been doing it for 2 months already…) This might ring a bell, I did one last year as well, and I really think she is making it fun and easy if you are a beginner.

It is so crazy that we are still in this pandemic situation, but I really think we should take the good things out of it - instead of looking at all the negative parts. The good thing that I am bringing out of it is for starters that I am saving a lot of more money. Money that I usually go out to dinner for or travel for. Since you can't do either it makes it very easy. I also think shopping is a really easy thing to hold off on right now. The only thing I purchased in the last year is sport clothes, which I actually needed.

Another thing that I am improving on is to live in the moment. I have lived most of my life chasing the next thing and never actually enjoyed the now more than just a couple minutes, and then it is usually gone already. Right now I am really enjoying it. I do not stress for the future as much, ironically since you can't plan it - but I am also just trying to do one thing at a time and just live and enjoy it without stress. Life gets so much easier and more enjoyable when you are able to do that.

With that said - that is my spring resolution! What's yours?

XO, Kajsa & Nicole


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