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At a coffee shop in Venice on Abbot Kinney Boulevard – Intelligentsia, having my iced coffee with oat milk and doing school, Instagram, and NIKA. I have found the peaks by going somewhere to get things done. While I sit here I am thinking that I am now a part of the community, found my home away from home. I stop with what I am doing and look up every once in a while, to get inspiration, collect my thoughts and sip on my coffee. It’s a lot of coffees, matcha lattes, water, and hours on the computer.

After six months in Los Angeles, again, it does starts to feel like home. I have my coffee spots, I have my new routines and I know how to get around. I have my group of friends and everything is starting to feel like home away from home again.

From living in L.A as an au pair for 1.5 years and to come back has been a big wake up call. To be in school instead of working as an au pair and do something completely new, to appreciate what I appreciated before and just realize that I am back. From being happy to be home in Sweden, I got a new everyday life in Stockholm, but having the feeling that I wanted to do everything again and that I wanted more, and then be here. Nicole sent me a quote the other day “Remember, once you dreamed of being where you are today. Be grateful.” This is so true, I was so sad over leaving but I made it back. L.A is also different in one way now and so am I. Let’s not make this too deep or too dark – since it’s not – I am extremely happy, grateful and my dream came true since I made it back. To back also gave me a reality check that I feel that’s important to share, it’s not always happy clappy! 🙂

Since I have been struggling to feel like home, I collected my best tips to feel like home, could be if you are returning to a city, are new in the city or being tired to live in your current city.  Create new habits; for me it was extremely important, since I am back in an “old” city, to do new things. To find new coffee shops, new favorite stores and also buy food from different brands and locations. Make the city new.  Make a new bucket list; now I want to see more of L.A and more of California, go camping at Malibu Lake, go up to Santa Barbara, down to the O.C. Create new routines; which has been the easiest for me in that way that I have school now, I have classes almost every weekday and my free time is weekends, mornings and evenings. Which is kinda nice, as an au pair I had much more free time but now I “only” do fun things during weekends, if I don’t study like today, Saturday. Find a new hobby; for me, my saving has been a yoga and running. I do hot yoga every other week and run about three times a week. Since I hated to run and wanted to push myself and being active, I am also taking a yoga class in college this semester! Bumble BFF! Don’t know if this is an app that works everywhere in the world but it’s for finding new friends! You create a profile, write about yourself and interest and then you can swipe to find friends – weird but also so easy and I have met a few new friends through that app, it’s worth a try! 

Home is where you put your feet and home does not have to be a specific place – it’s a feeling, something I have learned this time. L.A ❤


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