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When I moved to Spain I STRUGGLED to find 100% natural peanut butter without any palm oil, suger or you name it. After instant searching I gave up and made my own! I am so happy I did! First of all, it is waaaay cheaper and it is all natural – which I love!

I buy rosted peanuts and all you need to do is to blend them (if you buy them natural you need to roast them first). It takes 5 minutes in total and you are done! All you need is a blender, the roasted peanuts and a jar to put the peanut butter in.

1. Put all the peanuts in the blender (you can use peanuts with and without skin). You start by letting them blend for 1-2 mintues.

2. Scrape down the sides so everything will blend properly and blend for additional 2 more minutes. You might have to scrape down the sides once again, just make sure you blend everything. The more you blend the smoother the peanut butter gets. Keep blending for 1-2 more minutes and…

3. Volá!


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