• Kajsa Sagebrand

I now a graduate!

It’s time to wrap up the last two years at Santa Monica College since I am now graduating!

But, before we go into what to come - let’s wrap up my two years at SMC!

I moved back to Los Angeles in August 2019 without a real plan. I was missing LA and was interested in starting to study to gain more knowledge and experience in the fields of my interest. I started to take classes at SMC within Business and Marketing and decided pretty quickly that I wanted to do a full degree at the school - Associate of Science, Business Marketing. The first year, I only took classes within my major, and I took classes like Business Communication, Marketing Promotion, Marketing Research, and Customer Behavior, to name a few. During my second year, I needed to take general education classes and studied English, Astronomy and History, and more.

Sad but true did I only got to study one full semester on campus, and the remaining five semesters have been online. This past year has, of course, affected me, just as all other students a lot. Even though I didn’t get the full college experience, am I so happy that I decided to move back and started to study. My English has improved a lot, and I am very proud to have gained an international education and everything I have learned studying in a second language. My skills in Business have gotten wider, and I have learned a lot of practical skills that I will have use for in the future.

To sum up these last two years - I am so grateful that I moved back and started to study. It has of course been a lot of challenges along the way, both academically to adjust to studying abroad, but also the pandemic of course.

After been studying non-stop with both taking summer and winter classes, am I now look forward to a break from just studying, but there’s also a bittersweet feeling of being done and sending in the last assignments. For now, am I planning on returning to LA after a well-needed summer spent in Sweden. I have applied for an OPT visa. (A work visa where you’re allowed to work for one year within your major.) I know that I want to continue to study in the future and build up my degree, but as now am I looking forward to getting job experience and getting out in the working world - wish me luck, I could defiantly need it, Victoria’s last post will come more in hand for me!

If you have questions about studying at a college in the U.S or studying at Santa Monica College, feel free to hit me up!


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