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One thing that gets even better when getting older, and especially from traveling, is that you understand more about yourself, reflect over things that have happened in the past and plan for things that you want to achieve in the future. I, Kajsa, get the most of my things done when I am by myself, either in my room alone, with a candle lighted and the playlist Autumn Leaves on repeat. Or sipping coffee at a café or by going to the beach to look at the ocean, most of the time bringing my journal. Then is when I reflect over life, deep as it sounds, but more about the little things in life. Like wondering how everyone has it at home, about the coming assignment in school or what to do on Friday. By this post, we want to cheer for more time alone. To have a day off, especially a weekend, with no plans can be scary, but also so important. Here is a “perfect” alone-day in my life: 7:00 – Wake up early, I am not a big fan of sleeping in, I like to go up the same time everday, school-days as weekends. 7:30 – Go for a morning run, I always run in the morning, if I run, before breakfast. 8:30 – Shower, with a facemask and then do my skin-routine extra slowly and massage in all the creams and serums.

9:15 – Breakfast! My all-time favorite breakfast is oatmeal with cashew-butter, blueberries, and oat milk + Wasa hard bread (knäckebröd) with mashed avocados and tomatoes + a smoothie, a favorite right now is celery, ginger, a lot of ginger, frozen strawberries and add water. A favorite! 9:45 – Get dressed! I believe that it’s so much easier to do something if I actually put on clothes and not workout clothes which I wear 2 out of 3 days a week. A to go-to is always jeans, a cozy sweater, and my favorite pieces of jewelry. 10:15 – Go to a coffee place and bring my computer, there are always things that need to be done, either writing posts for NIKA, school, or planning. 13:00 – Go back home and make lunch, as a student, I can barely afford a 5 dollar coffee so I always try to eat lunch at home, favorite student tip for lunch is making pasta, roast kale with lemon and some pepper, add pesto and swirl around with the pasta. Pasta-pesto with kale!

14.30 – Go somewhere and get out of the room! Either to Crossroads for some shopping, go to a market, like Farmers Market which they have almost every day somewhere in L.A. Or down to the beach and listen to a podcast.

18:00 – Sunset is a must! And with daylight savings does the sun sets at 19, a whole new world! 20:00 – Get home and eat dinner and then watch a show and go to bed early! A “perfect” day alone!

N: Kajsa describes it very well, alone time is way more important than I ever thought. In the last six months, I have spent more time by myself than I ever have in my life. I learned so much about myself and now I also don’t take it for granted or see it as “boring” or feel forced to be alone, instead, I enjoy the time I get alone with only me. Here comes a perfect alone day by me!

09:15 – I like to sleep in a little, overall we get up around 08.30 every day so it is just about 45 more minutes of sleep. I like to feel that I am not forced to get out of bed and I love to wake up without an alarm.

09:30 – Have a long and cozy breakfast with candles on, a cozy playlist and drink a cup of coffee while making oatmeal, a smoothie or an avocado toast on rye bread. The second cup of coffee or tea with the breakfast and some freshly pressed orange juice!

10:30 -Go to the gym or preferably go for a hike with views over the sea, or walk by the sea. I love to squeeze in a long powerwalk listening to podcasts. I can easily be out walking for two to three hours.

14:00 – Get home, shower and prepare a lunch! I usually pack a blanket, a book and lunch and bring it to the beach. Enjoy the nice weather by the sea over lunch.

16:30 – Finding a cozy coffee shop in the center and enoying a nice cup of coffee!

18:00 – A sunset is a must for me too!! I just love it so much! There is a perfect spot on top of a castle where I usually watch it.

19:00 – Have a spa night at home, have a facemask and do the nails.

20:30 – Make a nice dinner, lit some candles and listen to some cozy music once again! I might make some chocolate balls for desert and have some tea while watching a movie or a serie on Netflix!


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