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Inspiration for Midsummer

Hey, and happy Midsummer week!

This week (Friday), we're celebrating midsummer in Scandinavia! Midsummer is a holiday when we celebrate the brightest day of the year and the summer solstice. The actual reason why we celebrate midsummer is because it is the birthday of John the Baptist, but we can all agree that this has been quite forgotten over the years.

We celebrate this day with food, flower crowns, games with family and friends and we thought we would check-in and say hi and share some cute outfits and the best recipes for this day!

From Adore, Gina Tricot, & Other Stories!

All Skandinavans LOVE Skagen. You are probably not a true Skandinavian if you don´t. We preferably would eat this year around but there is something special eating this during the summer months with a toast or just as a side.

Here you have a deliciously skagen recipe:

Usually we would go for a normal strawberry cake with whip cream, but we came over this no bake strawberry cheesecake and we just could not resist! It sounded so good, so this one will for sure be our midsummer and summer cake overall this summer! Perfect that you can eat it a little frozen too, perfect for summer. Dream away with this lovely recipe, yum!


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