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When spending more hours than usual on social media so we wanted to cheer for some accounts that makes us inspired, which makes us laugh and that we like to follow! Here we go!

@philippaparnevik – love the way she’s taking photos and love her everyday pictures. @sandralindahll – Swedens best YouTuber for sure, love her humor and also her everyday life, an influencer that’s easy to relate to in many ways, big love for her channel! @ramihanna – photographer I’ve been following for years, also so inspiring and also inspiring to see his works! @eatnlive – my, Kajsas, previous co-worker at EF, love her recipes and her way of seeing about food and eating healthy! @beatriceforsell – like the way she takes photos and her style, also her hairstyle! @jonasahlborg – the one and only Jonas Ahlborg, Linn Ahlborgs dad, love Linn and love Jonas!

@matildadjerf – love her style, pictures and her positive attitude about life and the way she shares it with her followers! Good vibes only! @alex_nerovnya – a super cool account if you have any interest in design and architecture, very unique! @michelaforni – love Michala! Like to follow her everyday life, her style, and her honesty! @photosysse – a photographer from where I, Nicole grew up. These pictures of nature and animals are just unreal! @yung_pueblo – quotes about life, relationships, and everything you need to read! @sofifahrman1 – like to see a glimpse of her life through her photos of travels, fashion, entrepreneurship and healthy lifestyle!



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