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Interview: Felicia Fransson, home stylist and interior!

Name: Felicia Fransson Age: 23

Profession: Home-stylist and Business Unit Coordinator

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Felicia, for those who do not know you, can you please describe yourself in 3 sentences.

I am a person who likes to spread joy and am happy to have an eventful life where everyday life consists of friends, jobs, interests, and travel. I have always been driven by studies and love to study, especially when taking notes with nice colors - which also makes it easier to remember everything. I am passionate about interior design and happy to help my friends with details for their homes.

Explain your perfect morning!

This is a morning when I wake up with the person I love. Then we go to a favorite brunch place and enjoy a quiet morning. I really love a morning where you have no time to spare.

Who’s your role model?

I would say Janni Deler. She has such an incredibly positive mindset and is honest in everything she does. Besides, she's so naturally beautiful! She also lives a dream life!

What is your all-time favorite song?

All I Do Is Win, haha. This is the song I always played when I passed an exam at university, it brings back good memories and gave me a real energy boost.

What would you say to your 15-year-old self?

Believe in yourself in everything you do. Stop comparing yourself to others. You are your best self, and no one should ever make you doubt yourself.

Let's dive into the interior and home styling! Where did your interest in becoming a home stylist and staging homes come from?

I grew up in a home that has always cared about interior design, and my mother is probably the person who got me interested in interior details. Then we have many family friends who are awesome with interior design. When I moved into my own apartment, I realized that a home can really be lifted with the right details and furniture. Previously, I have only focused on my own home, but after others asked me to help with their home, I have realized that I am really good at styling other homes as well.

In your Instagram bio, it says “Follow me on my journey when I am styling my apartment of 43kvm”. Where did the idea come to start an Instagram account for your home, and how did you grow it?

It was actually my friend Johanna (@johannajohnson) who told me several times that I should do an Instagram just for my interior design. So after a while, I grabbed it and started publishing posts about my home. Then I started by tipping about different stores, interior details, and making luxury vs budget tips. I think my followers have increased so much because many different people have shared my Instagram and because I share good content.

I have been following you and have seen that you are also styling other homes than your own - how is it to style someone else's home? Is it hard to adapt to someone else's style and preference?

It is, of course, a challenge but so much fun! When styling someone else's home, it is important to listen to their needs and style and, for a while thinking about how you yourself would like it. In such a case, I usually give suggestions on what I think would suit best, but try to adapt it more to the customer's needs.

You are working with @stilisterna, what are the most significant things that you have learned?

It is really so exciting and educational to work with Stilisterna. I have learned so much in such a short time. What I have now realized is that working as a home stylist is more than you think. There is a lot to carry, nail up and go from apartment to apartment. It's not just about fixing a bed. I have learned a lot about how to think about when placing details, cozy bedding and how to think about details depending on the type of wood.

Buying an apartment, especially in a bigger city is a huge commitment and, at the same time very difficult. What are your best tips for someone looking to buy their first property?

I think you should not have too high demands on your first apartment, because everyone starts somewhere. All people have different conditions and financial savings, so you can not compare yourself with other people's first apartments. If you are planning to buy a home in the near future, I think it is smart to buy one just outside the city. It is cheaper and more affordable. Throughout your life, you will most likely move between different homes so it is no stress to feel that you should buy your dream home at once. Save a reasonable amount each month for your accommodation and visit the areas you would like to settle in.

Give us your best tips for styling a small apartment - how do you get it cozy and make it feel bigger, even if it is just one bed and bath?

I can only assume how I chose to style my own home which is a small home and then I would say that if you decorate with mirrors, it opens up the room. I also experienced when I switched from dark to light curtains, the home felt so much more open and larger. To create a cozy atmosphere in the home. I love to have lots of candles in each room and a cozy bed with a fluffy duvet and pillows. I would also say that it becomes more homely and cozy when plants come into the home.

Any special trends this spring in your home? If someone is looking to buy some decor or details to make their home extra beautiful for spring, what are your suggestions?

I would say that details in rattan, jute and wood are trends that are visible now. I try to get more wood details and also interior details in pastel colors, so nice! For a person who wants to be a little spring-inspired, I think you should buy a nice vase (preferably a large round) and treat yourself to a nice bouquet of flowers. It really does so much with the home and you get so happy! I have also started to love the twisted candles that are visible everywhere now, so I would also recommend them.

What are the top 5 essential things you need to have in a home? Just like the importance of basic jeans in your wardrobe when it comes to fashion, what's your best thing to invest when it comes to furniture and details for your home?

1. Lots of different vases! So fun to vary depending on what flowers you buy at home.

2. Different pillowcases, where you can change according to the season.

3. Candles! Lighting candles in the home is a must for me, I do it daily. Preferably scented candles!

4. Coffee table books! Wow, that's so nice in a home. I probably have more than 20 in my home, haha so addicted...

5. Fine serving dishes. When you get friends over and are going to invite them to dinner or charcuterie, I think it's nice to set the table on a really nice dish. My favorite brands are Mateus and Potteryjo.

If not considering money, show us your absolute dream apartment - and why!

Definitely, an attic with a large roof terrace, where there is space for a dining area, sofa, jacuzzi, and a part where you can plant fresh spices and have lots of plants. I want to be able to invite friends and family home without feeling that it gets crowded, everyone should feel at home! I dream of having a large, bright, and open kitchen, preferably with a kitchen island where you can easily talk to others in the room while you cook, how nice? I dream of a large bedroom that is cozy and open windows, where you can look out without transparency. The bedroom also has its own walk-in closet and bathroom, like a really luxurious hotel!

I would probably decorate in the style I have today. Very black, white, beige, and gray tones. Oh, I had really bought so much nice decor for the home! I would buy fresh flowers every day for my walk-in closet haha, that would have been wonderful.

Where do you see yourself in the future, 5 years from now, career-wise? What are your dreams?

In 5 years I will hopefully have children and plan my dream wedding. In terms of career, I wish I had then climbed within a company that I believe and am passionate about, perhaps within project management and leadership. Which I will start working on in the near future, so excited! I also dream of running my own company in an interior design consulting where I help customers and friends to get a common thread in home interior design and home styling for home sales. I have just started my career in life and see that my dreams vary from month to month, but I like to see myself combining working in business/ leadership and in addition to interior design. But a dream that is close to my heart is to get married in a nice castle and that the wedding goes on for a whole weekend, which I will also make sure it happens ;)

Thank you Felicia for taking your time, find more about Felicia on the links below!