• Kajsa Sagebrand

Interview: Madison Hine, breaking through as an actress in the city of Angels

Name: Madison Hine

Profession: Actress

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Madison, for those who do not know you, can you please describe yourself in 3 sentences.

Let’s try three words! Spiritual, actress, and a nerd. I’m not big on talking about myself, more into talking about other people, hence my profession, haha.

Explain your perfect morning!

Having a relaxing morning full of meditation, journaling and nature is a must for me.

Who’s your role model?

Growing up, I had many role models, and now I’m shifting the focus to me. There can only be one Meryl Streep. There can only be one Madison Hine. There can only be one of you. Each person has something only they can give to the industry. I’m very big on being your own role model.

What is your all-time favorite song?

Rich Girl by Hall and Oats is my go-to.

What would you say to your 15-year-old self?

I would tell my 15-year-old self just to breathe. You don’t have to have all the answers at 15 because you will never have all the answers. You don’t have to rush into the acting industry. Your career is not dead if you’re not making movies by 18. I promise.

You and I met earlier this summer, how come that you moved to Los Angeles?

I moved to Los Angeles for acting, which is the most cliche thing to say in L.A. I visited LA for three weeks, and three weeks turned into three months, and LA got me in those three months. I made the official move this past January.

Take us back to your time in New York City. What were you studying, and how did you make your way into acting?

I lived at the William Esper Studio for a solid four years. The conservatory is two years long, but they couldn’t get rid of me. That studio was and forever will be my home base.

I stumbled my way into an acting career. I don’t know the exact moment I decided to be an actor. I’m sure there was one; I’m just not aware of it. To me, acting has always been it.

Has acting always been your desire career-wise, and what do you dream about when it comes to your career?

It was either acting or interior designing, and you have to be good at math for the latter… so let’s be thankful I chose acting! We’d have a lot of coffee tables 2x too big for the room. Aka, math is not my strong suit.

When it comes to my career details, I want to be working on material that gets to the messiness of being human. I’d love to explore it all. I want people to leave the movie/theatre feeling more connected with themselves and less alone in the world. I’ve done my job well if people feel seen.

How is it to work with acting in the center of filmmaking in Hollywood? How did you get your foot into the business, and how has your process look like?

Let’s just say it’s a lot of trial and error! I’m still learning about this business, and it’s learning about me. I’m learning how to navigate the industry. Basically, I got my foot in by holding it at the door till they let me in.

My acting process is Meisner based. Nothing will surpass spontaneity mixed with truth for me, so I do my best to lead with that.

The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways, but it has, of course, affected the media industry. How have the last months been for you and the industry?

It’s definitely been a waiting game. The key for me has been finding other interests and taking this time to go inward. I’ve learned not to hold onto what I think the present is supposed to look like. To surrender into letting the industry figure it out when they figure it out. Everyone is doing their best, even the industry!

Tell us, how does a typical day look for you at the moment in L.A?

The beauty of quarantine is everyday looks different! The base of my day is always changing! They involve acting, tennis, writing, reading, working out, and exploring! I’m really into trying new things at the moment!

We love to dig deep into personal development, challenges, and to strive to become the best version of ourselves. How do you work on your personal development and your mental health?

This is such an important question! I'm learning how different everyone's process is, but we all need a process! Mine has been and will continue to be an on-going discovery!! Right now, I've been very big on meditating, journaling, and being out in nature at all times! That, and a good late-night talk with someone you trust usually gets the job done.

Something I admire about you is how structured you are and your everyday-life routines. Please walk us through your morning, as well as your nighttime routine!

Oh no! Sorry to disappoint, but I’m actually not that structured at the moment! I love a good routine as much as the next Type-A girl, but I’ve taken a step back from the structure! I’ve been embracing spontaneity lately, and it has been such a gift!

To leave you with something… my favorite morning usually consists of a beach with coffee and overnight oats in hand. My favorite night usually consists of late nights with a good friend talking about all things philosophy, usually eating Erewhon (Hi, Emma). Like I said, nerd.

You recently took a mini-break from L.A and went to Joshua Tree yourself for a week with no social media and to focus on yourself. Tell us about your experience and the importance of going offline and spending time alone.

If you're even a tiny bit hippy-dippy, I highly suggest getting yourself to Joshua Tree. It was a breath of fresh air when I needed it the most.

I would just get in my car and let my intuition lead me wherever! I stumbled upon some of the most magical places. Hello, local bookshop and black bean brownies. You still have my heart.

Lastly, what would you tell someone who wants to start with acting, and what would your best tip be?

My best tip would be to just go for it! There is never a perfect moment, and you will never be fully ready. Be willing to learn as you go. You will f* up, and you will succeed beautifully. Embrace the duality of life. Have fun and don’t take it all so seriously!

Thank you so much, Madison! If someone wants to know more about you, where can they find you?

Thank you! You can find me on Instagram @madisonhine and https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5048315/?ref_=rvi_nm