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KOSO series - 52 books in a year, March

I’m so thankful for this project! So thankful for each and every one of you who reads it. I get charged up by people and I do it for people. Reading became a big passion of mine and it is so incredible how specific life events make us change and evolve into a new human being.

The more I read, the easier and pleasing it becomes. There is times in a week that after finishing a book I have an internal need to start a new one straight away. It’s become my safe place and I’m so grateful I’ve discovered that is my hobby still relatively early in my life.

March books turned out to be quite life transforming for me. I realized many traits in myself that I wouldn’t otherwise. I can see the progress in that journey and that’s the reason I keep going. Hope you can find something for yourself in March reviews. If not, I still got 40 books to go!

The magic of Shamanism by Arvick Baghramian

Fun fact – I sneaked out this book out of my mother’s book collection. Had no idea what I’m going to find inside but I wasn’t disappointed. A bit about author: Arvick is a psychotherapist, who specializes in the field of child sexual abuse and adult survivors. She is also a shamanic counselor and teacher. She was a student of Jonathan Horwitz – a well-known shamanic practitioner from Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies.

Arvick in this book describes many of the rituals and trips based on connecting with “surp hoki” – holy spirits. She’s been guiding many people on the path towards healing. Connecting with spirits “on the other side”. Practices of shamanism are based on entering either the world below us or above us. Different level of consciousness is triggered by a series of rituals, eg. Using psychedelic substances, tobacco, not eating for several days to experience a connection with the spirits and many others.

In the shamanic world people believe that souls can be hunted or being caught. When one of our souls is taken due to some difficult and sad events in our lives, we can become sick. Shaman’s mission is to go on a trip to “the other side” and bring the lost piece of soul back so the body can heal.

I truly believe in spirit world, I believe in healing ourselves using a holistic approach not only to the body but also our souls. Since last year I wanted to attend one of Jonathan Horwitz’s courses on shamanism, will do when Corona restrictions are finally down so I can attend it in person.


~ When you’re in trouble, stuck with your problems and in need of help, you just need to talk to surp hoki.

~ Health is an intuitive perception of the universe and all its inhabitants as one whole. It is combining and mixing ingredients, seeking solitude and seeking companionship to understand many of our selves.




The Hidden Life of Trees - Peter Wohlleben

I’m currently sitting outside, surrounded by pine trees. It’s funny that trees are living creatures, yet we tend to miss that mainly because we think that they don’t move- surprise, they do! Very slow but there are so many interesting and inspiring facts about trees I had no idea about before reading this book.

Peter Whlleben shares the whole process behind tree’s growth throughout hundreds of years of their lives. How they live in symbiosis between each other and many other species, how they help one another when their neighbor is in trouble of lack of water or other nutrients.

Besides the fact that trees are our main air filters, they also have such an incredible sense of smell and taste. Super talented I think…I really recommend reading this book once in your life. It really changes the perception on not only trees, but also the whole nature around us.


“Korean scientists have been tracking older women as they walk through forests and urban area. The result? When the women were walking in the forest, their blood pressure, their lung capacity, and the elasticity of their arteries improved, whereas an excursion into town showed none of these changes.”

With this one quote I want to finish this review and just say: Let’s all make sure they are safe on our planet. Their lives are very dependent on us people, so let’s give them space and time to grow so we can continue our happy lives here! Plant 1 tree a year and see what happens. Can you do more? Plant one a month, that’s what we at home are trying to do.




How to NOT be afraid of closeness - Sefanie Stahl

Relationships are difficult. We each have our own story and different values passed on from our parents. Each of us had a different childhood and that’s what makes us “us”. Then it comes love. One day you have that feeling inside, that you found that one “right” person. It might turn out that due to it’s first 3 years of childhood, or events later in life, that person went through caused inability to accept love from others.

It’s that fear from our past that sits quietly in the back that causes most of our relationship problems. Hunter, princess and mason are 3 types of people who tend to avoid closeness. They use different defense tactics when a person is getting too close to them and wants to start a more serious relationship.

Yet again another great book educating us on all the emotions that sometimes feel unavailable to us. It’s

difficult to get to know oneself when we are exposed to opinions of others from our youth.


~ Each of us, due to our past, carries inside partly conscious and partly unconscious fondness, which is never fully positive and healthy for anyone.

~ People who suffer from fear of relationships generally don’t like to make commitments. This applies not only to relationships, but as a rule to all spheres of their life.




Born for This - Chris Guillebau

We’re all living and waiting for time when we finally find out what’s our dream job that we could be happily work for the rest of our lives. We are told that we need to find a niche and stick to it to find success. According to Chris that’s not a recipe for a successful career. For him, you need a balanced Joy- Money- Flow model that eventually leads you to a winning the career lottery.

There are many possible variations, and you can get money from more than just one source. You can balance a job that gives you more money with a side project that brings you much more joy than the primary job. By using trial and error method, we can try many different jobs, be self-employed, as long as we try and explore our options we’re moving in the right direction.

By sharpening our hard and soft skills we’re becoming kings of our own destiny. Everything there is to know you can find online. It’s the way you use assets around you. Work hard but also work smart. That’s how I understood this guide for owning the future an living the life I always wanted is so much closer after reading this book.


If you want to create any sort of art, you have to do the work, and you have to do it for you first. There’s no point sitting around telling the ‘one day I will’ story. I did that for way too long. First step is turning up to bat. My mantra became: done is better than perfect.





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