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L.O: Fashion in Paris

I have lived in Paris for over six months now, and one of the significant differences I realize from first growing up in Stockholm, living in Los Angeles, moving to London, and then to Paris is the fashion trends. I am currently studying Fashion at Istituto Marangoni with the BA Fashion Business program in Paris, after my first year in London. For my second post at NIKA, I will explain the difference between the Scandinavian fashion style vs. the French. I have noticed a big difference between after spending a semester in Paris—jumping back to the different trends how this got my attention. Two weeks have passed since I got home to Paris from Stockholm, it was only then I realized the different styles the people were wearing in the two different cities. Coming home to Stockholm again made me shockingly surprised that almost every single person was wearing black pants and a black jacket.

The iconic Scandinavian style is the three colors, beige, white, and black, very classy and minimalistic. I am and will always be amazed by how Swedish people always keep in style, in a way that they do not really keep the global fashion trends in mind but still stay trendy because of the timeless and minimalistic clothing. In that sense, every city has its own style, in my opinion.

On the other hand, when I got back from Stockholm to Paris, I arrived at my new apartment with three new roommates in a whole new neighborhood in Paris, 1st arrondissement—surrounded by the seine (the river in Paris), unique second-hand stores, good croissants, and baguettes, literally living the Parisian cliché lifestyle. On the other hand, the French style is chicer with statement pieces in their clothing; scarfs, hats, bags, shoes - and color. It is the opposite to the basic black jeans and a knitted sweater. I am sharing some of my latest outfits from here!


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