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It's time to share some pictures from the last few weeks and what we have been up to!

Sunset in Malibu, shopping on Melrose & hiking in Santa Monica.

More hiking in Runyon Canyon, sunset in Bluffs Park & picnic in Beverly Hills.

Sunday's Farmers Market, Westwood in Sunset and West Hollywood.

The beach on a Saturday, Melrose & sunset at my favorite spot in Pacific Palisades.

Over to Spain,

My friend Sofia visited, we went for a super cozy dinner in town and walked around in the old town!

Another cozy place only an hour from Alicante, Castell de Guadalest. A must see!

Weekend in the mountains. Hiking, hang by the pool and a lot of food!

Last but not least, a mix of everything. Back at the gym, visited Villa Joyosa, and stroll in the old town.


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