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We have collected some pictures from our camera roll that we have been taking lately, here are some of them! XO Nicole & Kajsa!

N: A picture from when Kajsa visited me in Spain ❤ / Sunsert from our balcony

K: A daily reminder sent from Nicole! / Purple roses further down on my street in L.A.

N: Some reading in the sun / I am eating sooo much popcorn during this quarantine haha.

K: A grapefruit from Palm Springs / Snowy mountains of Palm Springs.

N: Freshly made bread and cinnamonbuns / Breakfast on the porch, fried egg and a smoothie.

K: On my way to the grocery store (mask is a must in stores in L.A) / So many posts like this on the streets and on walls all over my area, makes me stop and smile everytime!


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