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We all need to lay back and have a cozy Sunday afternoon sometimes. What we struggle most with when it is time to snuggle up in the couch is to find a movie that we acturally will finish and not only watch the first 10 minutes… so we listed some movies that we recommend! Enjoy!

Captain Philips: A movie based on real-life events. Somali pirates hijack a US cargo ship and hold the captain hostage until they need to confront and negotiate with the US Navy. Very intense but interesting! You find it on Netflix.

Masterminds: Based on real-life events. The biggest robbery in US history, 17 million dollars. It would need a genius crew to succeed and they are absolutely not that crew. This is a movie for when you are lazy and you can not find anything to watch. It is very silly but since it is a true story it makes it crazy! Find it on Netflix!

The walk, Also based on real-life events. It is about the high-wire artist Philippe Petit, when he is performing the longest and most dangerous walk between the Twin towers in New York. Find it on Netflix.

The Game Changes: A Netflix documentary about what meat products do to your body – interesting perspective and inspiring to eat more plant-based food and think about your body.

Marriage story: A Netflix original film about a marriage breaking up and a family staying together.

Seasons, Justin Bieber: To all of your Bieber fans out there, I was a bit skeptical of the episodes and Season, but interesting to follow Justin, his perspective and more about his world. It goes on Youtube!

Hope you get a cozy Sunday afternoon and evening. Charge all the batteries for the upcoming week!


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