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Linnea in Paris - Without the hot neighbor

Hi all! My name is Linnea Oxhammar and this is my very first post for NIKA. I am super excited to be a part of this team and to write all about life in Paris where fashion is the focus. To start with first of all, since you have no idea who I am and what I am doing (except for the brief presentation) I am taking this time to write a little bit in detail about everything you need to know before we go in-depth in the categories you will soon read about!

First of all, one reason why I am in Paris is that it has always been my passion to travel, and yes indeed, this sounds very cliché. But it is true! Ever since I was a baby I told myself that when I graduate high school in Sweden I will get out as fast as possible to travel.

It started out with one year in LA, where I was working at Victoria’s Secret. I was also an event organizer assistant at La Tea Da by Ruth and lastly, I was an intern at a fashion showroom in LA. At the showroom, we represented about eight different American based brands where I was doing the marketing research and to which target and stores to reach out to adapt to the brands. And that is my first real work experience within the fashion industry. It was true then that I realized that this is what I wanted to study and to put my 100% focus on.

I started to do my research and there it was, the school that I really wanted to go to - Istituto Marangoni with the program BA Fashion Business. This school had several locations in the world, but of all of them, I chose to go to London.

After one year in LA, I moved to London to start my longly lived dream to go to fashion school. Although fashion always was on top of my mind, I realized how different it could be depending on which country and city you are in. I discovered how meaningful the culture and the fashion industry were tied together. I will get into this more deeply in another blog post!

After an awesome year in London with a bunch of new fashion ideas, cultural knowledge, and living the London lifestyle, I decided to search for a job for the summer break that matched my studies. I ended up working as a social media and marketing manager for a brand called Cutters in Sweden. This was definitely one of the most interesting periods of my life, where I got to learn so many things that you would usually learn within 5 years, it was so intensive. Thanks to this, I am well aware of how the industry works in real life and not only through school.

I took a gap year in between the schools and worked with social media and marketing with Cutters and another company called AsthmaTuner, and I still work for them to this day, on the side of my studies.

You are probably wondering how I ended up in Paris, well...! The school I am attending has a campus in Paris, so the curious person that I am, I decided to study my second year in Paris. Words are up and you are probably too tired to read more about this right now. I will leave my Paris story up for the next blog post.

Wish you all greeeat times in your life, always!


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