• Nicole Udd

Meet Cece - HELLO puppy fever!

Sometimes in life there are moments when you are so certain about something that you just know it is right.

That happen to us (Nicole and my boyfriend) two weeks ago, when we met and brought home our new little puppy, Cece. You might be thinking that everyone is "getting a dog" during the pandemic, but as one understand that it is a 15 year long commitment, getting a pet - and I can not wait for all the years with her. We have the most adorable (I know everybody say that about their own pets or kids) little puppy you could ever wish for.

She is playful, fun, cuddly, energetic and so snuggly! She is finally getting her last vaccine and her chip tomorrow so we can start taking her out for walks and so on (I guess these laws are different depending on where you live?) But in Spain you are not allowed to go out with your dog before they have had all the vaccines.

I have never had a dog before (my boyfriend have had several, so he is the expert) but I must say that I am surprised by all the overwhelmed love that I have for her. Having a puppy is a lot of work of course, and we are turning upside down on our lives so we can adjust it to make the best possible for her. Although I also must say that it is going so well - so far. It is easier since we are two people taking care of her. Everyday when I am at work I can not wait to get home to her! I think a lot of people (myself included) maybe wants to get a dog, but they are too scared for the commitment (I was), but when you see the one that is supposed to be with you - you just know. Life is changing in that way that now she is a part of our little family and I am so happy that she is. It just feels so amazing that she is ours, and ours to take care of and love. Today, we have had her for two weeks, and I would not want it any other way! Meet our little Pomeranian baby!

CECE <3 our perfect happy pill!


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