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NIKA, 1 year!

Cheers for one year with NIKA!

It's safe to say that so much has happened and changed since we started this platform. We started it as a blog and brainstormed our days in Alicante, Spain, together. We looked at different logos and websites to buy a domain from and visualize how we would move on from our ideas. After a year as creators at NIKA, we have learned a ton. The biggest learnings have been working together, creating, coming up with new ideas, and moving on from ideas to actual progress. NIKA is a site we run outside school, work and life. We have worked during late evenings, as early mornings and weekends, to coordinate with the time difference between Europe and LA.

We have welcomed guest writers, interviews, and now writers, and we have published a total of 136 posts in one year, pretty impressive, we must say. We have filled the blog with personal stories, what makes us inspired in life, recipes, and girl talk, and documented one of the most eventful years in our history.

What to expect within the next year? We want to continue to publish meaningful stories and at the same time be a website to come for inspiration and read about life and what other people and we are facing, as well as ups and downs. Maybe we wouldn't call ourselves entrepreneurs yet since we aren't making any profit at this point, but we are in the direction of wanting to expand our brand and vision. Within the next year, we want to connect with more people, build up our community, and have more writers on the page. Are you interested in becoming a writer and have a passion for creating, and are looking for a platform to share your thoughts? You might be the one we are looking for!

Lastly, thank you to every one of you who visit our site and all the people who have taken their time for an interview, as well as a guest writer and writer articles. We hope we share some light through our site and that you will keep on checking in for more inspiration and stories whatever and wherever life brings us.

Many hugs and kisses, Nicole & Kajsa


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