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NIKA 2.0

HI! We hope you see a difference with our design out the outline for our blog and platform! Nicole has been putting SO much work into updating the design and putting our thoughts into action while I, Kajsa, has been studying for finals. I, and, we, are so proud and happy that we are doing all of this. We are proud of NIKA and it has become our passion project. Besides the design, there are some new things coming up that we will introduce soon. As Guest Writers, Interviews, and also a new segment that we will call Greeting From L.A / Alicante. We are so excited to publish our update and we hope you like it too! Welcome to NIKA 2.0!!!

"We always wanted to create something together. Use our creativity and passion to do something more. Our passion for friendship, passion for marketing, and passion for self-development. 

NIKA is our platform with a mix of everything we like. Personal thoughts, health, wellness, and inspiring interviews by people we look up to. A platform where we get to share our ideas, enthusiasm, and visions through our website that is created and run by just the two of us. 

Our friendship started in Los Angeles in 2017, and since then haven’t we stopped creating things together. Today, Nicole works as a Real State Agent in Alicante, Spain, and Kajsa is studying Business and Marketing in Los Angeles. 

We are so happy that you want to be a part of our journey. Welcome to NIKA!"


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