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I was a long time ago since we updated with a highlight! The last time was when Nicole was traveling through Europe and visited London and Stockholm. Traveling has not been possible lately and still isn't in California, but road trips are which made us go camping in San Bernadino this weekend! My friend Maiken and I had the desire to just get out of L.A a bit and found the cutest camping ground on Hipcamp which is like Airbnb but for camping.

I could write a whole blog post about how cute and friendly the hosts were at the camping ground! We got served ice coffee when we arrived, wood for a bonfire, they had dinner in the evening, movie night with popcorn when it got dark and you could order an amazing breakfast in the morning. We loved our stay and explored the little town on the way there, made a bonfire and had hotdogs and s' mores, went for a hike on the camping ground, chatted with our camp-neighbors, and just enjoyed to be away from the big city. Before driving home did we get a tip of hiking downward a local waterfall which was stunning! Here comes some highlight pictures from San Bernardino! /K


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