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Setting the mood for a holiday morning

We want to start to say - Merry Christmas!

This year’s Christmas is probably looking different for everyone. I, Kajsa, am staying in Los Angeles, and Nicole is celebrating with her boyfriend’s family in Spain. We hoped we would be able to go home to Sweden and Finland, or that our family could visit us, but it’s not possible in this current situation. Therefore, we want to share some Christmas spirit, even though we might not feel the full spirit this year.

A few simple things we have been hooked on in December have scented candles, cinnamon, and apples on the oatmeal and cozy playlists.

Scented candles can never go wrong. We like to have scented candles in all rooms, and then we mean all rooms. In the bathroom, while taking a shower, in the bedroom, and by the kitchen during breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast and Christmas, the perfect combo is to make oatmeal and then in a separate pan heat up some pieces of apple in coconut oil and cinnamon to add to the oatmeal. A must try!

With these playlists on repeat: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7otDm0nWrQBey6yE5lKIwr?si=msOrhnS_TU-lrkKQFSkltw https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2bKgFGLPFK4Pw7j2NiHwn5?si=LA4RRV2xTYev9UZCy1-7Mw



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