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Summer Wrap Up

Hi all!

We hope everyone has had a great summer and that you have enjoyed reading our summer writer posts! We are so happy and truly appreciate everyone who took their time and wanted to be a part of our NIKA community!

Before we move into fall, and if you have missed any posts, please see all summer writer articles here! And, of course, the biggest thank you to all of the girls who shared their different stories this summer!

Thank you, and find all stories here!

Louise Henning - the secret behind thriving as a highly sensitive person

Frida Axelsson - find the joy of being lost - the path

Emilia Björnsdotter - how to start over in a new city all by yourself

Nicole Rodger - how I want to be inspired to be a better person and live my best life

Sofia Sovera - a colorful life

Amanda Wiik - my sensitivity is my superpower

Anne Sofie Wraae - what makes you feel alive?

Jenny Sandberg - a young woman in politics


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