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Summer Writer - Amanda Wiik

My sensitivity is my superpower

My name is Amanda Wiik, I´m 24 years old, born and raised in Finland and currently live in Turku where I complete my master’s in Speech-Language Pathology. I get energy from singing and dancing, from surrounding myself with kind and open-hearted people, connecting to mother earth and our beautiful nature.

Have you ever felt different and that you just don’t fit in? Well, I can tell for sure that you are not alone, I believe we all have at some point. At least I have, a big part of my life. It wasn´t until a few years back that I realized why. I have always felt different and like I don’t fit in our society containing a hard tempo, With all these norms and stereotypes such as how to be, how to look, how to feel etc. Sometimes it feels like if you don’t feel or act like “everyone” else, then you are odd. This is exactly what my topic for this summer writing is, how it is to feel everything so deeply, unlike the majority of people. How I as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) experience life.

How to explain what high sensitivity is to the non HSP’s? 

First of all, high sensitivity is a personality trait that affects 15-20 % of the population, HSP’s have finely tuned nervous systems meaning we notice details that most people miss. HSP’s have more active mirror neurons than most, which is what makes us so empathetic. 

Some things that made me realize that I saw the world differently than most, was when it felt like everyone was so chill with everything, and that some things just didn’t seem to bother them like it did for me… “am I overreacting now?”. And why didn’t all my friends get exhausted after hanging out with a lot of people during a long time or after a night with less than 8 hours of sleep? I thought that everyone could feel the energy in the room or knew what I was feeling without telling, because I can hear what you aren’t saying since I have a strong intuition about what’s really going on. 

I thought that everyone got easily stressed when having a lot to do at once, but now I know this is because my mind processes so deeply that it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed with a lot going on. I thought everyone sees the details for example while listening to a conversation or observing a person’s behavior, or that everyone appreciates the details you can hear, feel and see while sitting on a cliff or walking in the forest. Because for me this IS my reality.

I know there are many of you HSP’s out there, some of you already know that you are a HSP, some of you might realize it by reading my story, and some of you maybe haven’t realized it yet. For me it was a relief to realize that I am a HSP because all the puzzle pieces fell into place, and when I got aware of it, I learned how to live with it and how to assimilate my own sensitivity. I won’t say it’s easy being a HSP, because it can be really hard sometimes, when feeling misunderstood and overwhelmed, but I know this is my superpower, so join me and embrace yourself!

Reminders for HSP’s: 

- Honor your need for rest

- Pay attention to what feels good in your body 

- Your ability to feel other people’s pain doesn’t mean it’s your responsibility to fix it

- Learn to trust and listen to yourself because you naturally have a powerful intuition  

- Calm your nervous system - get out in nature, watch a TV-show, read, start a journal, listen to music, eat your favorite food, meditate - whatever suits you best. 

- When feeling overstimulated, check in with yourself - are these my feelings or someone else

- Feel all your feelings, don’t push them away. 

Inspo: @highlysensitive_person

And at last, I believe that when you are born in a world where you “don’t fit in”, it’s because you were born to help create a new one. So remember that you are phenomenal just the way you are and being sensitive is never wrong!

You are more than welcome to contact me if you have any questions or comments, you find me on Instagram @amandasusannn and on my email amanda-wiik@hotmail.com. I hope you learned something new and enjoyed reading this!  If you are interested in learning more about HSP, then check out these Instagram accounts, @highlysensitive_person, @lifebyalissa @highlysensitiverefuge.

All the best, 

Amanda Wiik


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