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Summer Writer - Frida Axelsson

Find the joy of being lost - The path

I had to think. Really hard. Thoughtfully and thoroughly. I had to leave my computer aside for a bit.

What do they wanna read about? What do I wanna write about? What wants to be shared?

Eventually, the rattling sound of keycaps as my fingers glided over the keyboard had taken off. The

stories always write themselves.

It all made sense. I realized it was hard to find what to write about since I had too much to choose

from. I kind of created that for myself. I did it because I was scared of having nothing. You don’t

want to wake up one day having nothing to live for. Just go on with your day and have nothing to

look forward to. The monotonous life isn't for the human being. Regardless of what you'll fill your

life with, it has to be something. I am not saying you have to go out doing wonders. It can be the

small things in life that make life life.

I am delighted I found my path. The one that lights up for me. Right now, at least. Because the shine

on my path might go out soon. I don’t know when, I don’t even know if. But if it does, I'll always

know life will enlighten a new path for me to follow. To trust the process of life is to allow yourself

to stay present.

But don’t get me wrong, I've been lost too. In fact, I still am. But now I try to find the joy of being

lost. Because it's not always the finish line that matters, sometimes the way up there is more

important. And it's probably longer than the end goal anyway. So why not enjoy it, instead of

stressing it. There are so many of us out there. Who wants everything and wants to rush it. We want

it now. We don't want to wait. But who says it needs to be called to wait. Let it be your path of joy

leading you up to your goal instead.

The path is when you develop as a person. Always bring you closer to who you want to be. It can

also tell you who you don’t want to be, and that is a step too. Remember, you don’t always have to

move. Being still is perfectly fine too. Many of us feel a little lost every now and then. Maybe all

the time. Don’t be downhearted, or stressed about it. You can still make rememberable things from

lost times. We only have this life, so why not give it a chance already.

I could’ve incorporated more question marks into this text, but I decided not to. Sometimes your

questions don't have to end with a question mark. Instead of being confused about the meaning of

life, or questions about how to drive you forward, let it sit. Let it be. Let the answers develop with

time. Put a smile on your face, do something that makes you feel good and let time figure it out. Try

to look at the positives about this stressed-confusing-twenties-era. Be present and don't judge

yourself for living in the moment. Because time is something we will never get back. Give yourself

the opportunity to enjoy it, while it all lasts.

Even if there is a problem, there is a solution. At some point you have to work for the solution, but

more often it will come to you when you let it in.

My name is Frida Axelsson and I am an aspiring author. If you want to support me and my future

give me a follow on my literature page below. And have an amazing stress-free summer!! xx


Frida Axelsson




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