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Summer Writer - Jenny Sandberg

My name is Jenny Sandberg and my summer topic is Young woman in politics.

I was 10 years old when I wrote a letter to the director in charge of the time in my small home village and suggested that the village should participate in the lottery to be able to win money which would help the debt the community had. My name is Jenny Sandberg, and today I am 24 years old, an educated nurse since December 2020. Although, during the first six months after my graduation, I was able to implement something that 10-year-old me once only fantasized about. The last six months I have been working with and for the people who want to bring out change in our society in the role as the assistant of the election for the Swedish People's Party in Southwest Finland.

What is even politics? Politics is everything. Everything you see, do and hear. That is the reason I get so annoyed when people are saying that “politics is not interesting” - so you are not interested in the bike line outside your family's house? The tax percent you pay? Or the healthcare that is provided where you live? Politics is affecting all of us, even if you don't want it. For that reason it is very concerning that the vote participation is decreasing with every year that goes by, but the people who complain, especially on social media, only are growing their audience.

I used to dream about becoming a politician, but somehow something changed. As the assistant of the election I could point out that the most important thing for me is not who is doing politics, but the important part is the actions and what the person stands for. Politics, like so many other things, is about a team sport. At the end of the day, you need to be there for each other, learn new things, support and raise your voice and say no when a wrong situation occurs.

Finland has at the moment a government that is going down in history, all around the world. It is the youngest and most female dominated ever. I am very proud of the government and how they have handled the current pandemic, but of course not all of them. Unfortunately the atmosphere that prevails in online discussions and the online hatred that many public figures, not least politicians, end up in most cases is unacceptable. I hope this will be one of the matters that the next generations will be able to change over time.

No good decisions are made only by women or only by men, neither only by old or only by young. Everybody is needed and everybody has the right to be heard. Today I am glad that the director of my town where I grew up did not go through with my suggestion of the lottery, but by all means we should not lose our hope that we can make a difference, you, the one who is reading this can change, but only if you want. That is the reason why your voice is so important and can be crucial, so use it loud and clear.

Wishing you a great rest of the summer before we head into autumn,



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