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Summer Writer - Sofia Sovera


“The external world is a canvas where you paint your life with the colors of your soul.”

First things first- 5 facts about colours that will blow your mind:

  1. Red is the first colour a baby sees.

  2. Colors don’t exist, they are all in your head.

  3. Mantis shrimps can perceive colours the human mind is not able to see. That means that there are colours out there we have never seen.

  4. Colors trigger deep emotional responses in us. Mostly we are unaware of it.

  5. Dogs and cats can’t perceive bright colours. However, they have a greater night vision that humans.

Yellow is associated with warmth, cheer and happiness. Pink is typically connected with softness and romance. Orange with being playful, creative and energetic. Blue evokes trust, calmness and serenity.

My fascination for colors began in my early childhood. Thankfully, my family always encouraged me to draw and never stopped me in my creative expression.

I was never afraid of combining many colours together. I mixed and matched and drew a rainbow of colours on the canvas and had fun with it!

Society tells us many things. It tells us how the world should function, how we should live our lives, how to dress up or down, it even tells us that certain colours don’t go together, because they just “don’t match”. But have you ever questioned this belief? Why should a yellow not go with a bright pink or an orange with a blue. Similarly, tones and shades of the same color, are also forbidden, as they are “completely out of tune and ruin the outfit.”

Have you every imagined how life would be without colors?

They are the primary reason why we can perceive deep emotions in the first place. Without the perception of colours, we wouldn’t be able to see the beautiful saturated tones and hues of a wild rose in the middle of a green forest. We wouldn’t be able to see the eye colour of the person we love.

As painter Claude Monet said “Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.”

I believe humans underestimate the power of colours in their daily lives.

Little changes in our daily lives make a huge difference. Painting our room lavender, might help ease our anxiety. Hanging colorful frames with powerful quotes in our room, might make us feel more motivated throughout the day. The list goes on.

So, the next time you wake up in the morning and feel drowsy and unmotivated, why don’t you start by putting on your favourite bright yellow summer dress, or, if it’s winter, the bright orange rain boots you never dared to wear! You might not see its uplifting effect instantly, but I assure you that it will make a difference in the long run!

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions or you simply want to connect with me, shoot me a message on IG under @Sofia.journey or on LinkedIn.


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