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First day of November We’re entering the official last month of autumn, we actually had to Google. We thought November was a winter month, but no, it actually counts as autumn, so here is our big-autumn-post! 

Autumn is for a lot of people like the new year. A time to get back to routines but also start new projects, school, or decide what the coming year will look like. Last fall, was Kajsa’s ”first” autumn back in LA again. She was in Vegas, her brother was over, we spent a weekend in Joshua Tree, and Kajsa had her first semester at college. A lot has happened in a year. Mostly due to covid autumn is looking a lot different from last year. Throughout this post, we thought that we would share some tips, thoughts, and tricks to have the best and most cozy autumn possible.

We know it is very easy to fall into a circle of a boring everyday life when it gets darker and the temperatures are dropping. For us, the little things and the mindset become so important in times like this. Enjoy all the little things, like spoiling yourself with your favorite coffee in the afternoon. Make a cozy environment around you when you can. Just an easy thing like get up earlier so you can have a nice breakfast, light some candles, and do not feel rushed. Makes such a big difference. Let´s dive into our best tips!


To watch

- Emily in Paris. An easy pick! If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re in for a treat. A romantic drama-comedy. It is the same creator as Sex and the City, Darren Star, so you can imagine! I, Kajsa, have even watched it all over again. I miss Europe more than ever while watching it and want to move to Paris asap. Check it out on Netflix! 

- Harry Potter marathon! Who does not love the Harry Potter movies? It started that I, Nicole watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Crimes Of Grindelwald, which J.K Rowling also wrote - and I got so inspired that I wanted to go back in memory lane and re-watch all the Harry Potter movies. Perfect to do during the dark evenings now. Snuggle up with a bowl of popcorn!

Products to use

- Ole Henriksen, Cold Plunge, Pore Mask. Ole Henriksen has been my to-go-to brand since earlier this summer and, I with having a lot of problems with my skin do I feel like this is helping to control and keeping my skin fresh and clean. I try to do this mask 1-2 times a week. Find it here!'

- Treat yourself with a new color of your favorite nail polish to match the autumn colors. A favorite brand of ours is Essie.

To eat 

- The pumpkin flavor is a big thing here in the U.S and, you will find it everywhere. If you haven’t had a pumpkin spiced latte yet, try it out! A must for the fall! 

- OATLY drink barista edition. Have you missed it? It is an absolute game-changer to your morning coffee. Just do it, and thank us later.

To wear 

- A piece I felt that I needed to add to my fall-wardrobe was a new blazer, a classic squared, beige blazer which is a bit over-sized. From Missguided!

- A cozy knitwear and a skirt is always a to-go-to! I am dreaming about this one from Malene Birger.

To listen to

- Always have, and always will be a sucker for Shawn Mendes. Have you heard his new single "Wonder"?

- And who does not love Sam Smith? Here is his new single diamond and he also did a version in an acoustic version which I actually like more.


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