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We love to put together different “challenges” and we have previously done longer challenges. For this coming weekend, have we created small bucket lists every day with things to do. The goal is for you to feel better, and get some motivation and inspiration during the weekend. We think it is so important to take time for yourself and enjoy it and also love who you are. During this weekend we will be focusing on self-love. First out on Friday is “Boost”, Saturday is “Health” and Sunday is “Cosy and Calm” we hope you will understand by the following pictures. 

We are also going to post these challenges on our Instagram story @wkajsanicole every day where you can print screen the bucket list for the day, and also see when we are crossing off the bullets. I hope you think this is fun! Let’s go and let’s have a weekend filled with self-love!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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