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The end of April is here. Due to the global pandemic, this year’s spring has literally sprung by. Usually, we love spring, it is magical when everything gets back to life after the winter (although both of us live in warm countries and we don’t really have a “normal” winder or at least not what we are used to). April has been a very special month because of the circumstances… but lets dive in!

N: When I need to refresh my memory about what I have been up to, I usually start scrolling through my camera roll on my iPhone. Although, this month I haven’t taken a lot of pictures so it doesn’t help that much like it usually does. This month has been filled with only Coronavirus news and updated 24/7, there is not much else happening, but let’s look over the month!

Favorite pictures of the month: My three favorites that sum up my month pretty well. Whenever it has been sunny I have been spending time on the balcony enjoying the sun!! We are working on some side projects which takes a lot of hours but we love every second of it! We have a cozy breakfast on the porch almost every morning, for me, this is the best time of the day!

When I think about April 2020, will I remember… That I spent my whole month inside the house and we celebrated Easter with brunch over Skype with my family in Finland, which was very cozy!

Clap on the shoulder for… That I have continued working more or less throughout the whole month and also continued with my Spanish classes online. I am trying to find the motivation somehow, some days it is harder and some days it feels easier.

For the coming month, I will… Hopefully will be able to start going out for an hour a day starting Saturday! I can’t wait! I can not even remember how it is to go out for a walk?! Fingers crossed that our society will be able to return to some kind of normal before the upcoming month has come to an end. Take care of each other and stay safe!

K: April! The first full month at home and with school online. This month has been challenging in that way to keep up with school. Decide whether to stay here in L.A or look for flight tickets home. Also to keep up with the social life during social distancing. I am lucky that I have met Maiken, a super cute girl just a few blocks away from me! We have been on at least two morning walks every week and tried to do something fun – but distancing – on the weekends. Glad I have her!

Favorite pictures of the month: Different pictures than Nicole’s who haven’t been able to leave the house. I am amazed that she’s so positive about this whole situation haha! My pictures are from a photoshoot I did together with my friend Savannah who is a photographer! So fun!!! Palm Springs during spring break and Maiken from our pickup truck picnic earlier this weekend. It was amazing to just sit in the car see something else than my block!

When I think about April 2020, will I remember… That I also spent a whole month in lockdown. I would love to redo April and this spring. Not “ready” for summer. Want to do it all over beside the Corona. My time in L.A is running away. Sort off!

Clap on the shoulder for… It feels like I am writing that “every month do I get stronger and are eating better” but it is true haha! Lately, have I been learning so much about my body and how to help it. I have had acne for years and also other physical problems and I finally start to learn what is causing it. Maybe I will be writing about it in a separate post one day, will see!

For the coming month, I will… May is the last full month of this school semester and for the coming semesters am I going to study more general education subjects. As English and Math, and I am sort of “done” within my major as Business. Fun but it also gives me a bit of stress, so for the coming month do I want to narrow down what I have learned within my major and look more into transferring and where!


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