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Bye August! Summer's quickest month?

K: August has personally been great, I have had the whole month off from school and spent it on the beach, together with friends, and have been enjoying the time off. I am probably going to take a class during the winter break so this was my only break before I graduate next spring, crazy! Crazy to start my second, and my sophomore year of college and that I am hopefully done next spring with my associate degree in business.

Favorite pictures of the month:

The beach with the girls, camping trip outside Ojai, and Santa Barbara over the day! When I look back at my camera album have I been to the beach a lot, multiple times every week, and lived in my bikini between running, hiking, and dinners and drinks with friends.

Clap on the shoulder for…

Probably relaxing. This year has been stressful for everyone in so many ways and I have tried to use this month to relax, enjoy my summer break and make the most of this summer. Clap on the shoulder for having my days and weekends planned with fun stuff at the same time as relaxing and chilling for once.

For the coming month, I will…

Start my fall semester, excited but nervous about the classes but also so excited to get into routines and create new routines again. I love the fall in L.A, the weather used to be amazing, the fire-season are coming and fingers crossed that this fall won’t be as bad as last fall, but the fires around Cali has already started, a part of the seasons here. I look forward to creating some new things for NIKA, re-design our webpage, and get back to yoga!

N: Is summer really over? Pinch me! I am looking forward to autumn but I am also a sucker for summer, warm weather, and beach. August has been a month filled with a lot of work. My boyfriend and I are working on something really big and important for us, which is so exciting! Will tell you more about when it is official! Otherwise, I feel that the last weeks have just passed by without me even noticing. I need a vacation asap!

Favorite pictures of the month:

A relaxed weekend in the mountains so needed after a week full of work and stress. We love to drive up to the mountains and just hang there the whole weekend. I went on a work trip to Stockholm last week. I LOVE Stockholm and Scandinavia - and now it is one of the best seasons to visit I must say!

Clap on the shoulder for…

An active month! Have been really good to focus on health and workouts, which have been so important since I have had a stressful month. When I just feel like everything makes me unfocused and stressed, working out is the one thing that makes me focused and calm. So important.

For the coming month, I will…

Go on vacation!!! My "summer" vacation comes a little late, but I am so excited and it is needed. I have two more weeks in Spain before I fly home for vacation. I can't wait to go for long walks in the crispy autumn air, be with family and friends, drink a lot of tea, and light a lot of candles! I get butterflies in my belly only thinking about it!!

Hope you have had a good ending of the last official summer month and that you are ready for fall! <3


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