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February is always a month that is just flying by… but not this year! When I look back at the month it felt like it was never ending. I started the month in London. We just strolled around, had dinner at our favorite restaurants and visited friends. After five days we flew to Stockholm over a long weekend. Visited friends and it also was Ruben’s first time in Stockholm! We had a super intense but fun vacation, it is always an adventure when we are traveling haha! The rest of the month was filled with work, hours at the gym, hikes, and double dates!

Favorite pictures from the month:

My photo gallery is filled with picutures from this month but these are my favorites! One with my love in Stockholm, a cozy corner outside a shop in London where you could write a love letter and hang it up on the window on the shop. LOVE things like that!!! And last but not least, some baby snuggles with Nate!

When I think about February 2020, will I remember…

Our trip to London and Stockholm. It was so nice to be back to visit friends and to have vacation in two of my favorite cities in Europe!!! Also I got to know some new people here in Spain, which is really fun!

Clap on the shoulder for…

Rejoining the gym again! Our gym membership expired in December and between all the visits and travels we just haven’t had the time. Feels so good to be back! Also, I am really happy about our January challenge that we had here on NIKA. It was something I thought of everyday and tried my best to follow. Did you do it? What did you think?

For the coming month, I will…

Enjoy my everyday life! I just want to get back into routines with work, school, gym and everything in between. I want to have a relaxing month and enjoy the weather a lot, spend time with friends and maybe squeese in some roadtrips!

K: Last day of February! Let’s get in to the questions right away! Favorite pictures from the month: Must bee all the pictures that I took while Aleks were here! We watched sunsets, celebrated Valentines on the beach and did our favorite things in the city!

When I think about February 2020, will I remember…

February has been a hectic month for me too just like Nicole describes it, for me, February has been hectic in an emotional way for people around me that has affected me a lot. I will also remember February with that Aleks visited L.A and that we did so many fun things! We really had some quality time and I am so grateful for our friendship and also crazy that we have known each other for over three years from our first au pair meeting! Amazing how we met though the au pair experience and how our friendship has developed since then!

Clap on the shoulder for…

Running and eating healthy! I have created a good workout and eating habits and trying to learn more about my body and what makes my body feel stronger and healthier. Also, a big factor has been the yoga class in school, its amazing to practice yoga twice a week in between classes and I am really excited for learning more and also develop within the mindset and learning more about my body. I have also met some new friends, clap on the shoulder for that!

For the coming month, I will…

Try to be more excited about school! In fact, I have and I am really positive into staring the new semester and my new classes but I want to feel that I participate more in classes and also remember and bring with me the knowledge after class. Also do more stuff! I feel that I want to explore more of L.A and also the cities around, more weekend trips!


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